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Angie O’Neal

2x Breast Cancer Survivor

Angie O’Neal an Atlanta based runner and Lead Ambassador to The Race was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2006. Angie was prepared to fight one of the biggest battles of her life not once but TWICE as she was diagnosed once again in 2016. Having a very active lifestyle helped Angie to take charge, win and beat cancer twice.

Boogie Down Bronx Runners

The diverse runners digital magazine.

Mr and Mrs. Dieujuste

Run Streaking with with Mr and Mrs. Dieujuste

Running has a tendency to bring us together as run brothers or sisters but every so often couples are made through running, a lifetime bond as husband and wife. Couples that train together usually carry a different mindset and feel for each other. This month’s Mid Strike Magazines run streak features Ludgina who’s been running for 23 years and Lt. Colonel Marck Dieujuste also an avid runner for 22 years and their current run streak which currently sits at 138 days.

Mid Strike Podcast Feature


By Jesse Specs Spellman

This month’s Mid Strike Magazines Podcast highlight takes us over to across the pond over to the UK as we discuss A Runners life with Marcus Brown. This Podcast provides listeners with great content and interviews with some of the most recognizable runners in our run community from Black Roses and NYC’s own Knox Robinson, Natalie Mitchell and Alison Mariella Desir. A runner that consistently strives to see what his best looks like Marcus Brown provides this same process to his podcast which makes it a very good listen. Normally Mid Strike Magazine would stop here, but we couldn’t let an opportunity pass without having highlighting Marcus and his 6 star accomplishment.

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Healthy Talks with Akeem Johnson and Team Do It All Day

few weeks after all the closings in New York City, Akeem set out to create change in his community of Brooklyn NY by using the same avenue he created in 2015 but on a larger scale. He figured the best way was to create free socially distanced outdoor workouts for everyone that wanted to continue their fitness journeys. What started out as an outdoor workout with around 5-7 people has grown throughout the summer to around 50 visitors per day broken up into day and night sessions.


Rebuild NYRR

“We are simply trying to eradicate the deep issues of inequality and discrimination that run rampant within the organization”. Former and current employees anonymously speak about the inequalities and unfairness while working at NYRR.

Mid Strike Magazine reached out to NYRR prior to releasing this article. We have yet to receive any comment.

Rebuld NYRR – Instagram


The Enduring Power of Black Power

By Curtis john

Everyone knows their fists, raised high in the air on the Olympic stage in salute of Black Power. But not everyone knows who John Carlos and Tommie Smith are, or what happened after they descended from the medal podium. The following is a primer on this historic moment, and how their lives were afterward affected. 

Morgan Jackson

Black Business Spotlight with Afrikiny

Afrikinky is your one stop for all things natural for the hair, skin and body. We take great pride in distributing premium quality black soap, shea soap, shea and cocoa butters, shea, neem and baobab oil and neem powder. Our dual mission as a social enterprise is to help encourage and promote the use of all natural products directly from Africa, for the skin, hair and body, while empowering and building the communities of the women who handcraft our products with love.

When you buy Afrikinky, you are supporting a greater cause, visit www.afrikinky.com to learn more and purchase our products. Purchase Afrikinky products today to enjoy the maximum benefits while helping improve lives in Ghana, West Africa.



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By Jesse Specs Spellman

If you never met Luther Isaac he’s run royalty to us which is why he’s known as The Master Runner. I’m in a bit of an awe because I’ve followed Luther on social media years prior but on one faithful day running The Brooklyn Half Marathon in 2018 I learned first hand why he is called Master Runner and it didn’t happen once but TWICE.

Treadchic offers workouts for treadmill users of all levels. The workouts are for the fastest of runners to the slowest of walkers. At the start of each workout you’re given guidelines to help determine the pace that is appropriate for you. Each class helps to improve your endurance, strength and speed and with consistency you will improve and get results that will help you to become stronger, better, faster!  All workouts can be found free of charge on YouTube. Please subscribe and let’s do this!

Dubar Smalls, Jr. Black Men Run: The Next Generation

By Ashley Toussaint

We call him Dubee, but do not let the name fool you. Dubar Smalls, Jr. came to us 5 years ago. Kovon Flowers, captain of Black Men Run New York City is a good friend of Dubar’s parents; Shawanda and Dubar, Sr. They happened to be looking for a place for their son; to foster his special gift. One day, they brought him to our Sunday run in Prospect Park. During our weekly workouts, we go through a regiment of drills, stretches and a 3.5 mile run. On his first day, Dubar completed everything, with no complaints.


Natasha Thompson Founder of BGR-UK

Black Girls do Run UK was founded by Natasha Thompson in 2019 as she set out to create a safe space to encourage and motivate women of color to stay fit. As Natasha noticed there wasn’t a space in the UK that focused on the diverse side of running. Essentially the same concerns we see in our running communities across the US. This month’s international discussion takes us to the UK as Natasha Thompson chats with us about creating Black Girls do Run UK.

Adventure Racing with Clifton Lyles and Team Onyx

When we think of racing normally we only think of running, biking or other forms of competition. When we think of extreme racing we normally look no further than a marathon, ultra marathon or tough mudder. What most of us never think about is adventure racing otherwise known as expedition racing. Mid Strike Magazine had a chance to discuss Adventure racing with Team Onyx and the competition on The Worlds Toughest Race Fiji.

Mid Strike Magazine Activist Feature

Know who’s Fighting your fight with Natasha Duncan

Activist Natasha Duncan

Activism comes in all forms within our community. As runners we use our platforms to discuss issues that are constant battles and concerns. Whether it is the messages we wear on our run shirts, running to protest, or running to remember; our voices, legs and feet when we are united, marching or running hundreds at a time can be powerful and heard. Running also connects us to those in our community that are fighting the same fight as us but on different levels. We all carry the same message of change and freedom. 


The Running Edge founder, Coach Toussaint

The Running Edge: A Guide to Running

Rhythm and Running By Coach Ashley Toussaint

We all have internal and external rhythms; our breathing, our heart beat, our walk, our talk. We all perform these voluntary and involuntary movements naturally. Running is no different. Running is a natural function, dating back to our earliest survival instincts. Our ancestors ran when they were hunting, as well as when they were being hunted. Today we run for PR’s, shiny medals or for the shear love of it. Either way, rhythm is everything.

Lifestyle Blogger, Youtuber, Podcast host, Traveler and most of all a Runner. Donyetta is a runner that loves to travel and experience new things and is a consistent runner. As we all know we as runners, LOVE to travel as much as possible, so why not finish strong with a runner that’s also a traveler and constantly up to date on all the best places to go. Covid won’t be around forever and as far as MSM goes once it’s finally under control we will be traveling.

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