A Responsibility to “Be the Change” with Yvonne Spencer.

We’ve spoken to many athletes in this publication, marathoners, physical trainers, cyclists etc. Every now and then we come across those that venture into the world of Triathlon, so when we have a chance to talk to athletes from this side of competitive racing we will definitely listen. This month we have the pleasure of speaking with Yvonne Spencer, founder of Fast Chix, coach and simply a pretty awesome athlete.

MSM: You’ve been running for a minute which tells us that you’ve been very consistent from the start. Let's talk about your journey before your first run. Were you always into athletics? 

Yvonne: Believe it or not, I absolutely hated to run as a teenager. It was not until I HAD to run in order to receive my appointment to the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) that I finally laced up my sneakers and set out to run a mile. It was a “struggle” ugly mile, but a mile nonetheless. While at the Academy, I played Women’s Collegiate Rugby which really set my running wheels in motion! We ran all the hills…all the time! That’s when I started to enjoy the freedom I felt while running.

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