Anthony Quinones Fear is an Illusion

Antonio Quinones, if you see him along a course and are in the need of a pick me up look no further than him dancing his way through a race giving off all sorts of positive vibes along the way. His smile and genuine want to help every and everyone succeed when it comes to running makes him one of the most recognizable faces in the running community. So if you see him make sure to give him his props, give him a shout out and give him that same energy that he gives out to all of us because a good genuine person as himself deserves all the good energy he gives.

MSM: For our readers, give us a little introduction into Antonio, we’ve all seen or crossed paths at one point but for our readers looking from afar who is Antonio Quinones Jr.

Antonio: I am Antonio Quinones aka Ant aka The Governor aka the Kid from QB aka the Dancing Runner. I am the Puerto Rican and Panamanian runner who has continued to make a positive impact in the community, helpful towards others, but what I am known for is my smiling for every photo or dancing at every race. I am also a girl Dad, yes Girl Dad to 4 beautiful girls Nyasia, Hailey, Mya, and Zoe.

MSM: Lets tap into the fitness choice. We can choose and/or have so many avenues when it comes to fitness. Running isn’t easy and it really takes a person to have a kind of crazy desire to run. Why did you choose running? Was it running that found you or did you find running? 

Antonio: I chose Obstacle Course running back in 2015 as it was a way to deal with grief from the loss of my dad, but in 2018 Road Running found me. I was offered an opportunity to run the NYRR Bronx 10 miler and the rest was history. For some the focus on running can cause a person to feel running is hard but the comradery has always made running fun for me.

MSM: One thing about runners is that we grow from both a mental and physical standpoint, from each race that we do and finish we become stronger. The thing about becoming better also comes from the team and people that we surround ourselves with. Being in NYC there are so many people that we run with that have those same goals that we strive for to become better. Who are some of the folks that have helped you along the way? 

Antonio: There are so many people that have helped me along the way, Maria - Latinos Run opened the door to running for me with the opportunity to do my very first road race. Carlos Taveras, Jesse "Harlem Run", Ralph "Hup Hup", Jerry GFTC, Malika & Garvin, Coach Sid Howard, Rocky, Darnell, Lydia, Joe "Teamwrk" and so many others the list can go on and on.  

MSM: Let's chat about the past. I’m big on energy especially for those that can help others be the best versions of themselves and from what I’ve seen you’re a solid brother when it comes to doing just that not only for yourself but others. Usually this is something we have within ourselves from early lessons in life that has carried over to adulthood. What have been some of the things in the past that have molded your personality along the way along with some of the people that have helped you as well? 

I believe fear is an illusion causing us to create an imagination of outcomes that may not be present.


Antonio: One thing that has strongly molded my personality, that was instilled by my grandparents, was to always be kind and help others without looking for anything in return. From this I have grown to understand that the purpose of life is to serve and help others.  By learning this early life lesson, it has shown me the true impact I have on others and who I am as a person.

MSM: We usually carry our fitness journeys close to our chest as we are constantly working because of deeper meanings. What is your why, not only that, what is your inspiration as to why you continue to work so hard day to day? 

Antonio: This is such a great question, my why will always be my Dad Anthony Quinones (Antonio Sr.), until his last breath he never gave up so why should I. One of the things he told me is "You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit" this will always be my why. My inspiration to continue to work so hard day to day whether its work or running will always be my daughters. I do my best every day for them, I get up and stay active to be healthy to provide for them. They will forever be my inspiration.

MSM: 16x half marathoner (insert Ric Flair whoooo here) 6x marathoner. What have been some of your favorites when it comes to all the races that you’ve run in the past, any that you would totally do more than once? Also, I like to ask the question of why you tackled the marathon. It's not something that any and anyone can do. When did you know that the 26.2 distance was something that you wanted to tackle, most of all why the marathon? We can all do other types of challenges but what drew you into doing the marathons? What was the race where you said, “you know what, I’m going to run a marathon”. 

Antonio: Yup, run up those numbers lol, one of my favorite marathons will have to be the Berlin Marathon mostly because I left the US to become an international marathoner. The Kid from QB ran a marathon in Berlin, it is something that seems so surreal to this day, but I am so proud that it happened. The course and history of the Country truly opened my mind to make me view life through a different lens. In 2018 I had the opportunity to cheer runners at the marathon, growing up in Queensbridge I have always thought this wasn't something for people in my community. Once I seen the 2018 finish line, I knew this was something I needed to do no matter how much it hurt and then I accomplished my first NYC marathon in 2019.

MSM: Are you six-star chasing? What's left to clear on your plate?

Antonio: I originally set out to "chase" the Abbot 6 Star, but I have become more focused on being a better runner while balancing life aka making sure I am around for my girls. When the timing is right, I need London, Boston, and Tokyo

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