Art In Progress A Healthy Chat with Jean-Michel MK Dobaria of Maison AIP

Jean-Michel MK Dobaria

A healthy chat is a discussion that obviously revolves around running but more so how running can be seen as a conduit that can help us both mentally and physically. How it can help us with our day to day, to bring us back from places and moments in life that tend to weigh us down. Mental well-being is very important to us here at Mid Strike Magazine and we want to make sure that we give runners the opportunity to have open dialogue through healthy chats here at Mid Strike Magazine. This month we had the pleasure of catching up with a very good brother, Jean Michael Dobaria, otherwise known as Maison AIP.

MSM: Good Afternoon brother. As I sit here typing out these questions for you I think it's safe to say that we are going to call this healthy chats. Over some of our publications, healthy chats are essentially a healthy dialogue that we tend to have about life through running and wellness. That being said, welcome to Mid Strike Magazine, for those that don't know let's get an introduction into who Jean-Michel is otherwise known as MK from MasionAIP. You’re a runner based out of the LA area by way of Paris, a very consistent one at that. Give us some insight into your run background and some of your previous races and also life growing up in Paris France.

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