Augustus Jones (Jones Certified Fitness)

We all run and are all very consistent with our miles. Running for most of us is considered a form of therapy, our getaway, a way to keep ourselves fit and in shape. Here’s the thing with all the running, all the miles and all the races: We tend to not focus on one the things that matter the most which is strength training. It is a must. Every few months we like to discuss the importance of strength training with trainers and coaches. This month our PT session discussion is with Augustus Jones, owner of JCF (Jones Certified Fitness). 

MSM: Your progression has been very impressive, but we’ll get to that later (LOL), let's set the pace a little bit. In life we all tend to have our tipping points both mentally and physically. What was yours? What was the moment when you said to yourself “I need to get right”? 

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