How to Improve Your 5K in 4 Weeks

I remember my first 5k race. It was a warm January day in 2004. I was in my first year as a high school track coach. The outdoor season began in late February, so I decided to sign-up my distance runners for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King 5k race, which happens each year onContinue reading “How to Improve Your 5K in 4 Weeks”

Voting is a Marathon (The Importance of Voting)

By Keron Alleyne You better go vote! People done marched, got their heads beat in so you could have this opportunity, so you better do it. Our ancestors died for you to have the right to vote! Quotes like these have been pelted at you and every other adult by politicians, pundits and so manyContinue reading “Voting is a Marathon (The Importance of Voting)”

Richard Scott Double BQ status in 2019

By Jesse Specs Spellman / Photos By RCS Images As runners we all go through various stages in our run journey’s. Stages of growth, setbacks, struggles and successes. Very rarely do things tend to click all at the same time, where running can feel at ease, when everything sets in perfectly. Usually this comes whenContinue reading “Richard Scott Double BQ status in 2019”

A Runner’s Life with Marcus Brown

Mid Strike Magazine podcast feature by Jesse Specs Spellman This month’s Mid Strike Magazines Podcast highlight takes us over to the UK as we discuss A Runners life with Marcus Brown. This Podcast provides listeners with great content and interviews with some of the most recognizable runners in our run community from Black Roses andContinue reading “A Runner’s Life with Marcus Brown”

Healthy Talks with Akeem Johnson and Team Do It

By Jesse Specs Spellman, Photos by RCS Images In the current year we’ve seen all things unexpected; from social injustice, numerous police killings against unarmed black men. Not to mention, Covid 19 at the forefront of every single discussion that we’ve had in 2020. Covid did something that’s never happened to the New York City.Continue reading “Healthy Talks with Akeem Johnson and Team Do It”

The Enduring Power of Black Power

By Curtis John In 1968 John Carlos & Tommie Smith raised their fists for freedom, justice, and equality, and they shook the world. Everyone knows their fists, raised high in the air on the Olympic stage in salute of Black Power. But not everyone knows who John Carlos and Tommie Smith are, or what happenedContinue reading “The Enduring Power of Black Power”

Master Runner Luther Isaac, 60 and Fit

By Jesse Specs Spellman I love to tell the story of how I first met Luther Isaac. When I participated in the 2017 Brooklyn Half Marathon, I was running at a fairly decent speed, passing mile 7 going into mile 8 at about an 8:30 pace (I’m trying to paint a picture for you all,Continue reading “Master Runner Luther Isaac, 60 and Fit”

Natasha Thompson Founder of BGR-UK

Black Girls do Run UK founded by Natasha Thompson in 2019 set out to create a safe space to encourage and motivate women of color to stay fit. As Natasha noticed there wasn’t a space in the UK that focused on the diverse side of running. Essentially the same concerns we see in our runningContinue reading “Natasha Thompson Founder of BGR-UK”

The Running Edge: A Guide to Running

Rhythm and Running By Coach Ashley Toussaint Rhythm is Everything Rhythm is such an integral part of my running success. We all have internal and external rhythms; our breathing, our heart beat, our walk, our talk. We all perform these voluntary and involuntary movements naturally. Running is no different. Running is a natural function, datingContinue reading “The Running Edge: A Guide to Running”