Angie O’Neal Takes Charge!

Surviving cancer is a feat, and Angie O’Neal defeated it twice by embracing a more active lifestyle. “Being a wife, a mom, working full-time, all with the threat of cancer looming in the back of my mind, I think I really needed something fulfilling…running made me realize that was what I was supposed to beContinue reading “Angie O’Neal Takes Charge!”

Run Streaking Couples Edition with Ludgina and Marck Dieujuste

Running has a tendency to bring us together as run brothers or sisters but every so often couples are made through running, a lifetime bond as husband and wife. Couples that train together usually carry a different mindset and feel for each other. This month’s Mid Strike Magazines run streak features Ludgina who’s been runningContinue reading “Run Streaking Couples Edition with Ludgina and Marck Dieujuste”

Adventure Racing with Clifton Lyles and Team Onyx

When we think of racing normally we center on running, biking or other forms of competition. When we think of extreme racing we normally look no further than a marathon, ultra marathon or a Tough Mudder-like event. What most of us never think about is adventure racing otherwise known as expedition racing. This form ofContinue reading “Adventure Racing with Clifton Lyles and Team Onyx”

Dyetta Living Life to the Fullest

with Donyetta Edwards Lifestyle Blogger, Youtuber, Podcast host, Traveler and most of all a Runner. Donyetta is a runner that loves to travel and experience new things and is a consistent runner. As we all know we as runners, LOVE to travel as much as possible, so why not finish strong with a runner that’sContinue reading “Dyetta Living Life to the Fullest”

Know who’s Fighting your Fight

Activism comes in all forms within our community. As runners we use our platforms to discuss issues that are a constant battle in our communities. Whether it is the messages we wear on our run shirts, running to protest, or running to remember; our voices, legs, and feet when united in marching or running hundredsContinue reading “Know who’s Fighting your Fight”

The Finish Line with Alison Staples

By Kimberley (Str8Kim) Williams KIm: Tell us about your running journey, why you started running and what made you get into this sport? Alison: I hated running. I used the elliptical 3x per week and that was it. In 2008, my job put together a charity team for the Baltimore running festival. One of my coworkers/friendsContinue reading “The Finish Line with Alison Staples”

The Running Edge: A Guide to Running with Coach Toussaint and Coach Davis

Coaching Tip #1 – A Quick Warm-Up for the Busy Runner.  Oftentimes we want to just turn our device on, hit the pavement and get those miles in. But the first 10 minutes of any workout, should begin with a light to moderate warm up routine. These technically shouldn’t count towards your mileage (for allContinue reading “The Running Edge: A Guide to Running with Coach Toussaint and Coach Davis”

Teboho Motloung aka The Life of Pablo Diaz

By Jesse (Specs) Spellman Aluta continua, a victoria acerta.  “The struggle continues; victory is certain” When I first started out as a runner back in 2014 I always thought it was just me, myself and I. A regular guy working a regular job just jogging to get some miles in to stay fit. I alwaysContinue reading “Teboho Motloung aka The Life of Pablo Diaz”

Black Business Spotlight with James Peronel aka The Mission Man

James Peronel aka The Mission Man is one of the most recognizable faces in our run community, proving to be one of the most successful personal trainers we know. James is able to cater each workout specific to each client he works with, always bringing out the best in everyone. Don’t believe us… just look atContinue reading “Black Business Spotlight with James Peronel aka The Mission Man”