Becoming The Best Version of Yourself with Zaire Saunders

To become the best version of yourself as a runner it takes work, dedication and most importantly consistency. It’s a formula that's simple yet hard to obtain if you don't have the drive to become better. When I joined Black Men Run NYC back in 2016 I just found out what real running was, what it was to run miles, to be a distance runner, to learn what the run community was. The beauty of this is the journey that comes within it and the people you run it with. Over the past few years there has been one brother that I've literally grown with as we’ve been on parallel paths, his name is Zaire Saunders. If you see a 6’5 runner running in the streets of brooklyn chances are it's probably Zaire.

MSM: Most folks don't know that we’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. From Co workers at Food Network to run family. I’ve watched you grow into one of the most consistent runners on the pavement. It's only right we highlight your progress. That being said, welcome to Mid Strike. Let's get a small introduction into who Zaire is.

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