Bernadette Henry “Make it Fun”

I was walking through a Bronx Park one summer day, and I see a woman eagerly jumping rope. I thought to myself, she looks familiar.   I immediately go up to her and say “Hey, are you the jump rope lady?” She of course says yes, I’m Bernadette!  We great each other and chat about how it is so great to meet social media friends in person and be able to put a face to the social media presence.  From this single chance meeting on a hot day in a Bronx Park, I knew Bernadette Henry was good people.

Her passion for jumping rope stems from her upbringing in the Bronx and Harlem. As a child jumping rope is a staple coming up in the 5 boroughs.  One of Bernadette’s earliest memories of jumping is when she was in the 6th grade. “I was outside jumping rope and I was trying to do a double under, and I kept falling.  My mother was screaming out of the window, “Please stop, please stop”, and I’m like I have to get this!” To hone her craft further as a child, she borrowed books from the local library to try to teach herself new moves.

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