Black Business Spotlight, Juice Champs ATL.

This month our Black business spotlight takes us to one of our favorite places to visit the state of Georgia, home to one of the best juices I’ve tasted (we’ll get to this) in a while. Located in Kennesaw GA, Juice Champs founded by Richard Totimech has found the right formula when it comes to creating healthy items for our bodies and our minds. There’s a lot of run crews and cyclists in the Atlanta GA area and this is a spot that all my ATL’lians should frequent. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. 

MSM: Firstly, let's talk about this beet drink. I must say that you proved me wrong, and it was well worth the wait. For those that know me well know that I wholeheartedly HATE beets, hate them in smoothies, juice drinks, food, anything. BUT then Juice Champs came along, and I tasted the Beet drink “Just Beet it” and I must say I was extremely impressed with how good it was. Let’s get that out the way lol. It takes a lot of attention to detail to find the right mixture when it comes to juicing. Give our readers a peek into this process and what it's like creating flavorful drinks for the customers.

JC: Through some experience in personal juicing for myself I have found the combinations of not just taste but also properties of each juice which may help the consumer in their health goals. However, the key for me was then getting responses for people I tried the juice prior to having them on the menu. I must have given away thousands of $ of juice just to make sure we have the right lineup on our menu. The proportion of each ingredient is crafted to where one is not overpowering the rest.

MSM: Anyone can open a juice bar, but it takes a lot of patience and willingness to listen to your customers. When it comes to creating your menu, how much have your customers impacted the process in creating your items for sale?

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