Black Business Spotlight with James Peronel aka The Mission Man

James Peronel aka The Mission Man is one of the most recognizable faces in our run community, proving to be one of the most successful personal trainers we know. James is able to cater each workout specific to each client he works with, always bringing out the best in everyone. Don’t believe us… just look at the before and after photos.

As JP states, “because of my hard work, motivation, sacrifice, and physical evidence, JP Mission has grown tremendously, as it continues to offer exceptional Personal Training at an affordable price. My mission is to “Transform Lives One Session at a Time.”

My personal training began when two of my coworkers asked me to train them on the weekends. This convinced me to obtain my Personal Training license.

Many cannot afford the expense of hiring a Personal Trainer. With obesity on the rise, it is imperative that we take care of ourselves in the health and fitness realm. My mother was always a giver. It was the least I could do to continue her legacy, therefore, my passion is giving back. At an affordable price, I began training others and JP Mission was established.

JP and Doc putting in the work

Did you also know JP mission is not only a personal trainer but also a brand. Check out some of JP’s clothing line below and make sure to give him a follow and support his business.

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