Black Business Spotlight with Paul Roberson of SoBol Bed-Stuy

Paul Roberson Owner SoBol Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

This month’s Black owned business spotlight features a somewhat new runner to the community Paul Roberson otherwise known as Brownstone P. Paul started his run journey a few months ago in the New York City area when Covid exploded locking down the Tri-State. With no area gyms open Paul eventually moved towards running to help stay in shape these past few months staying consistent with his miles while running with his very good friend Zaire Saunders. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY Paul has seen everything Brooklyn has had to offer. If you grew up in Brooklyn, personally I can tell you certain neighborhoods aren’t looked to as providing the healthiest meals for those that live there. In most low income neighborhoods you’ll find the usual McDonalds, Burger King, Popeyes etc. The best way to enact change is to be the change, be the difference and this is something Paul has done. On November 11th Paul created the change needed in his community by opening up SoBol in Bed-Stuy. SoBol provides the neighborhood with fresh healthy meals, a complete 180 from the norm that we’re use to seeing in our communities.

Paul Roberson is known to his close friends as a health nut has always eating healthy and keeping his body full of healthy foods. Paul has gone meatless for over a year, love Beet juice and has been eating Acai Bowls for a number of years. So when the opportunity arose to open a Sobol it just made sense, as its something that’s not really offered in the community. Paul worked with his partners opened the location and felt more than comfortable about offering a healthy alternative to people in the community. SolBowl is not just a store sitting in its location. Paul also makes sure that this location has ties to the community as theres is much pride as the team has roots based in Bed Stuy with folks that have grown up, went to school or currently resides in the Bed-Stuy area.

Most that are health nuts are also known to keep their body in good shape. Paul is also a runner usually hitting the pavement 4-5 times a week with a few 5ks per week and the occasional 10 miler. As the pandemic progressed Paul has increased his mileage each week and month to where he eventually hit the century mark of 100 miles for the first time back in October. Not only has Paul become a consistent runner he also frequents his time at Gleason’s boxing gym with trainer Don Saxby.

Eventually Paul is looking to dive deeper into the run community but for now the focus is to make sure SoBol continues to be successful and to become a staple in the Bed-Stuy area and its up to us to help with that. Let’s support Paul and his business.

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