Black Business Spotlight with Prince Jenkins aka Young Vegan

Prince Jenkins, a proud Jersey City native started his run journey in 2017, The Liberty half Marathon in his home town Jersey City. A super recognizable face in our run community you will almost always catch Prince in the biggest races happening whether it be Chicago, NYCM, Tokyo or the hometown races. Prince’s love for running has created avenues for new business ventures while also creating a lifestyle change as he switched to a full Vegan diet in 2016. For 4 ½ years Prince has mastered the art of vegan meals which has led him to starting his business Young Vegan. 

The name Young Vegan didn’t just happen overnight. For Prince it was an idea that was thought of back in 2017 as he was super excited about his lifestyle change and the improvements that came from it. Prince’s plan was to express himself through passion and his meals. Through the years he learned the process and techniques to vegan meal preparation and recipes along with adding his style and flair when it came to the fashion aspect of it. 

Prince showed his community that vegan meals could be very delicious and flavorful as Vegan diets are not only about eating salads and juicing. You can experience delightful meals. 

The best part about 2020 and Covid is that we’ve seen lots of ideas and small business ideas come to fruition, Young Vegan is one of those. A proud parent to a young king that also loves to run and work out, still managing to work full time while working out and running Prince Jenkins launched, Young Vegan clothing line and meal platters. For $20 dollars you can get full healthy, filling vegan meals which include 

  • Curry chickpeas
  • Curry lentils
  • Wild rice or quinoa
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Sauteed Kale
  • Vegan Potato Salad

And coming soon – Chickpea Tuna Sandwiches.

Be sure to give Prince Jenkins and Vegan Prince a follow and support his business.

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