Boogie Down Bronx Runners

"Pa Lante, Para Tras Ni Para Cojer Impulso''.

Boogie Down Bronx Runners

YERRRRR (It's a Boogie Down thing). If you live in....... correction, if you’re from the New York City area - as in born and raised - there's a good chance you know what every borough stands for, what it represents, the people, community, originality, etc. One of those boroughs that represents what the city feels and stands for is The Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, or to me, one of the places that are indeed the soul of the city. This month Mid Strike travels to DA BRONX to chat with a few of the founders of one of the coolest known run clubs in the New York City area, the Boogie Down Bronx Runners.

MSM: For those that may not know, myself included, let’s get an introduction into some of the main players and leaders behind BDBR. The group was founded by three members: Lenny Grullon & Jean-Paul Fontana who then partnered with Chris Guzman. One thing we like to do here at Mid Strike is to get to know the people behind the runner. Or, as we like to say, outside of our run gear. Who are Lenny, Jean-Paul and Chris?

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