Brandy Talamoni – Her Life Through Running

As Mid Strike Magazine progresses and grows each month we tend to meet all kinds of runners in the community. Some new and some that we already know but are actually getting to know better than we did before. A few months ago we came across the profile of Brandy and the first thing we noticed was the bundle of joy she brings with not only her runs but life. We always noted after seeing Brandy on her account that we’d love to share her run story and journey, so what better way for us to go into 2022 with a runner that is full of joy, positivity and most of all inspiration. 

MSM: Here at Mid Strike we love to get to know the person behind the runner. We all see each other as what we are on the pavement but almost never see what we are behind the runner. We all have our reasons for running obviously but for you what made you choose running?

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