BRO DAY 2021 with Black Running Organization

BRO DAY- A Holiday for Black Runners

Black Running Organization (BRO) Day is an annual worldwide celebration that encourages the Black Community to run together as a practical demonstration of unity and racial solidarity. Held annually on the first Saturday of June, this day reminds us of the positives running can bring to our community, and the power of self-determination and collective development. 

After years of people outside of Baltimore asking, “How can I start a BRO chapter in my city?”, we decided to create a holiday that celebrates and elevates our primary mission on a global scale. BRO Day is an extension of our work to unite Black runners and revolutionize distance running. On this day let us demonstrate a collective commitment to creating safe spaces for Black runners to connect and grow the health and wellness of our people.  

The inaugural celebration, held in 2020 at Lake Montebello in Baltimore City, Maryland, had over 150 participants in attendance. With additional celebrations in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. 

We want to thank all the business sponsors and community organizations who helped to make our inaugural celebration a success. We look forward to another amazing celebration in June! 

“There is no way to move any people from a lower to a higher position unless they are willing to accept some form of collective discipline.” – Dr. John Henrick Clarke 

Peace to the Runners! LETSGROW  Isa Olufemi Founder/BRO Marshal Direct: 410 301 1902

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