Malika Austin Running to the Life Of The Party

Photos by RCS Images In our run community we are all runners at various stages and levels of our individual journey. There are some runners who have the need for speed, others that are middle of the pack, others that are simply there for the experience and thrill and then there’s The Life of TheContinue reading “Malika Austin Running to the Life Of The Party”

International Running with The Emancipation Run Crew

By Kimberley Str8Kim Williams This month Mid Strike Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with The Emancipation Run Crew. The name alone speaks to what this crew is about. As ERC says a group of BAME runners (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) coming together to allow runners to find their freedom in running and theirContinue reading “International Running with The Emancipation Run Crew”

We Are Our Ancestors: An Introduction to the Black Running Organization

By Keron Alleyne The Black Running Organization, also known as BRO, is a run crew like no other. A safe haven for Black runners, men, and women, and a place where our past and future can grow. Based out in Baltimore City but a strong example to all near and far of the combination ofContinue reading “We Are Our Ancestors: An Introduction to the Black Running Organization”

Samia Akbar Makes History at the 2006 NYC Marathon

By Curtis Caesar John Samia Akbar is the fastest-known American-born Black female marathoner. Ever.   Akbar achieved this feat in one of the most popular, and toughest, of the world majors, the 2006 New York City Marathon.   Her time: 2:34:14. And what makes it extra-significant is that this was her first-ever marathon!  The funny thing is, AkbarContinue reading “Samia Akbar Makes History at the 2006 NYC Marathon”

Healthy Talks with Cheryl Donald aka Black Pearl Runs

Photos By RCS Images Consistency is key when it comes to running. Depending on how consistent you are your results are based on what you put into running – which usually shows on race day. Through the years there are certain runners that stand out, those that are the most dedicated and the most consistent.Continue reading “Healthy Talks with Cheryl Donald aka Black Pearl Runs”

Run Streaking with Alvin Taliaferro, Jr.

On March 1st 2020 Black Men Run NJ chapter member Alvin Taliaferro Jr embarked on a new journey taking him through 3 seasons and more than half the year. He passed his 200th day on September 15, 2020 and is still pushing on this current run streak. At the time of publication the streak sitsContinue reading “Run Streaking with Alvin Taliaferro, Jr.”

The Last Tenth with Coach Pilar

Mid Strike Magazine Podcast feature This months Podcast feature highlights The Last Tenth with Pilar Arthur-Snead. A runner and run coach based in Albany, NY. The Last Tenth is a podcast about everyday runners who are in some way or another doing extraordinary things. Pilar took some time to give us some insight into herContinue reading “The Last Tenth with Coach Pilar”

Black Business Spotlight with Prince Jenkins aka Young Vegan

Prince Jenkins, a proud Jersey City native started his run journey in 2017, The Liberty half Marathon in his home town Jersey City. A super recognizable face in our run community you will almost always catch Prince in the biggest races happening whether it be Chicago, NYCM, Tokyo or the hometown races. Prince’s love forContinue reading “Black Business Spotlight with Prince Jenkins aka Young Vegan”

How to Improve Your 5K in 4 Weeks

I remember my first 5k race. It was a warm January day in 2004. I was in my first year as a high school track coach. The outdoor season began in late February, so I decided to sign-up my distance runners for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King 5k race, which happens each year onContinue reading “How to Improve Your 5K in 4 Weeks”