Coffee Posse with Jamal Davis

Coffee check, running check, Friday morning coffee time with fellow runners on a Friday morning TRIPLE CHECK. Every Friday morning Jamal Davis brings our running community together one coffee conversation at a time as he introduces us to fellow everyday runners that are just like us in the run community with his show Coffee Posse Live. It’s a very good way to start the weekend while also setting a wonderful tone on a Friday. This month we decided to highlight the spot-lighter, the guy that spotlights everyone else on Coffee Posse Live, we figured why not interview the interviewer himself Jamal Davis. Jamal Davis gives us a peek into his running journey, his triathlons and tells us what inspires him to keep those feet moving and keeping his fitness up to par.

MSM: Each month we do this publication, we always are meeting new and interesting runners. What was it that made you want to get into running and why?

JD: First off, thank you so much for this opportunity and being selected. I love what you all are doing at MSM. I got into running due to a triathlon. Growing up and through College, I played basketball. Running is not new to me. However, training for these distances is a complete change of pace. After graduating college, it was hard to have that team and competitive atmosphere again. Somehow Triathlon caught my attention and that’s how I got into running. To this day, my “Why” changes. Sometimes it’s to stay fit. Others it’s to reach a specific goal. Whatever it is, I know that it’s helping me move forward to being the best that I can be for that given time. 

MSM: Running is an avenue that can open so many doors and opportunities while on our fitness journey. Was athletics something you’ve always done in your past which essentially helped you to remain consistent into adulthood?

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