Expect The Unexpected with Mike Saes

Photos/Cover by JamGuy Photography

Bridging the Gap. This is a statement and meaning that runs very deep in the run culture, especially the culture of New York City. The large-scale everyday run community is one that tends to always remain unnoticed unless you are a part of it. If you’re ever in the NYC area and you run “ON A WEDNESDAY” there's a very good chance you’ve either ran with or crossed The BridgeRunners crew, and if you ran with BridgeRunners there's a very good chance that you’ve crossed Coach Mike Saes founder of their crew. What Mike and this crew personify is the true definition of what the New York run community represents. 

MSM: Welcome to Mid Strike. We spoke on the phone a few days ago and I mentioned that you were on our list of folks that we’d love to feature. We are very excited about this one as we have so much to cover and discuss. Let’s get a small intro into who Mike is as we like to get to know the person behind the runner. Most of us know you as captain of BridgeRunners crew but prior to that what was run life like for Mike? I love to ask the question of why... what was your why when it came to getting into running?

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