By Keron Alleyne


The movement. At times we can be fully immersed in the movement of running and all it seems to offer, but there is always a disruption of the realities we must face. When faced with this reality we cannot run from it and there will still be movement. The movement to dismantle, change and rebuild this system better for our counterparts, family, and friends. The movement most feel may have died off in the 60s, but it has simply evolved over time. Both forms and essence of 'movement' have a home in Mid Strike Magazine. In fact, Mid Strike Magazine’s stories are born out of the movement of running and the movement of moving this world forward for our diverse run base. We went on a road trip recently on the streets of Chicago for the return of the marathon, but we made a pit-stop to pay homage to the movement. This is the story of Chairman Fred through the lens of MSM...

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