Gerard Jack Iron Williams (The Running Mayor)

Jack Iron Williams

It wouldn’t be an issue of Mid Strike if we didn’t cross the pond to discuss running with our international family. This month we get to chat it up with Gerard Williams, one of the most down to earth runners you’ll ever meet in this large run community. Gerard has always been consistent when it comes to running and we’ll have a chance to discuss his journey.

MSM: My good brother, welcome to Mid Strike. It's always a pleasure to speak with our overseas runners as it opens us up to a completely different window to the run community. For our readers let’s get an introduction into Gerard and what got you into running.

GW: Grand rising Mid Strike family, thank you for inviting me to do this interview. I am truly grateful. My name is Gerard and I'm from London, England and I started running in 2019. I'm 46 years old and a bus driver.  I fell into running by accident funny enough. I've always been active from a young age, and I was just looking for a way to stay active as I stopped playing football (soccer). Running has become part of my daily routine. I use it to stay fit and look after my mental and spiritual well-being.

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