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Hasani Powell is one of the most consistent runners in our community. Theres a saying you’ll hear from most runners that are very consistent “Stay Ready so you don’t have to get ready. If you follow Hasani on social media or Strava you will always catch him in the range of 200 miles per month consistently. This almost always will allow him to Own The Outcome in all his actions with running, training and all aspects of fitness. This month we had a chance to catch up with Hasani as we take a look into his running, his brand and most of all his fitness journey.

MSM: We’ve crossed paths as members of BMRNYC and as I started my run journey you were a runner that seemed to be laser focused on the task at hand especially when it comes to running. For Hasani where did your run journey begin?

Hasani: Yes, I tend to have a laser focused (or obsessive) mind-set towards things I really want. As for my running journey, that started in 2008. I graduated high school two years prior and without a gym teacher to blow a whistle, I gained more weight than I would’ve liked. I just started to run because that’s all I knew how to do. My friend invited me to the gym one day and I never looked back. I’d say the running really took on a life of its own in my mind when I would just go to the gym and run on the treadmill aiming for a faster pace and/or longer distances each time.

MSM: For all these years I’ve always known you as a pretty strong consistent runner but we all have to start somewhere. Where was that beginning for you? For our readers take us through the early parts of your journey.

Hasani: When I used to run at Planet Fitness in 2009, a man approached me saying he ran the Boston Marathon and thought that with good training, I’d be able to do the same. While I didn’t know (or care) what that was at the time, it was cool to hear someone talk about my running in a good way. From 2008-2016 I ran just as a way to clear my mind and exercise. In 2017, I really began to study running. I stopped running just for the hell of it and started training – AFTER I ran the Philly Marathon in 2016 and completely had a horrible race. I started to really focus heavily on everything that had to do with running. 

MSM: The early parts of our journey’s tend to be the most difficult parts and the parts where we make the most mistakes. What were some of the treasures you picked up early on that essentially laid the groundwork for the runner you are today.

Hasani: Ok, besides all the cliché things such as “I have to be disciplined, keep showing up”, etc, I was taught the value of good socks haha. Also, I was taught that running will hurt and it’s an “individual team sport”.

MSM: 13.1 x 13 and 26.2 x 5 both totals are pretty damn amazing. Take us a little bit through your run journey. What have been some of your favorites along the way?

Hasani: My favorite races, huh? Well, at the VERY top of the list is the New York Marathon! Crossing that iconic finish line twice (and hopefully at least 10 more times). There’s just something about running at “home” – the course and crowds are EPIC! The 2019 NYCM was the best for me. Not only did I PR, but I helped coach 4 athletes to their first marathon finish line. That meant more to me than the PR. Pace runs…well all their races I’ve done, really! I have so much fun at their races and I HATE running 5k races.

MSM: As runners we are always looking for tidbits and ways to improve whether it be physical, mental or simple insight. Social media has essentially opened that door to beacons of information. Who are some of the runners that have helped you along the way?

Hasani: Well, I’ve been motivated by the BMR NYC crew. Even though I’ve never ran with them, I love their overall message and purpose and I try to pay it forward to others I come in contact with. My former running coach Ron Joseph taught me a key lesson – SLOW DOWN! He helped me to my then-Marathon PR in my second go around in the Philly Marathon. I honestly try to look at everyone and everything as a tool of learning. I believe there’s something to learn from everyone and everything, I try to keep my eyes and ears open for more information to learn and pass on.

MSM: You’re a coach but not just a run coach but also a KB Lv1,Pre/Post Natal/Precision Nutrition, whew that’s a lot of experience. Tell us a little bit of that process of how you became certified in each of those fields and how that knowledge reflects onto clients and folks that you work with.

Hasani: As a coach, we are easily grouped into being just “that” type of a coach. Working at Equinox for over 6 years, I had opportunities to go to various workshops and attain various certifications as a way to broaden my coaching experience. I never wanted to be just a running coach. I feel I have more to offer, plus I’ve always wanted to start my own business to help people with goals outside of running. The process wasn’t exactly hard, but it was time consuming. It was well worth it though as now I’m able to use my certifications to coach and help clients wanting different types of goals and going through different times in their lives.

MSM: Having that experience can essentially lead to so many doors opening up, which for you I’m sure has happened. As you would like to say you created a process where YOU are “Owning The Outcome”. What I love about that line is that it has so much meaning especially from a physical or mental journey. The outcomes we face are not created by others but within ourselves. How did those 3 words come about for you?

Hasani: I appreciate the nice words. Those 3 words mean so much to me for the exact reasons you said – the outcomes we face are not created by others but within ourselves. I’d say the name came about in 2017. I was in a session with a client who asked me how I was feeling about my overall performance during the 2016 Philly Marathon. I was explaining to her that the results were all on me whether I liked it or not. I added that the next time I did a race, I’d train better, but for now I’ll own this one. This outcome is on me. I cannot remember the exact words. It was something along the lines of “I have to own this outcome and do better next time.” After that, it stuck in my mind as I strongly feel we are in control of many things in our lives so I was able to apply it to everything in life.

MSM: Essentially this led to the launch of Own The Outcome Wellness, your own brand which has been built from your growth AMAZING. For our readers tell us about OTO and the brand, the goals and most of all about this black owned business. 

Hasani: OTO Wellness was thought of as a way to spread the word of accountability and building up oneself. The goal is to coach people whether it’s through mentoring, nutrition, or exercise to a greater version of themselves. In a society where it seems as though everything we feel about ourselves comes from what the rest of the world says or does, I want to be able to help counteract that one person at a time – to not only own where they are (not really in a bad way), but to show them they have the power; not anyone else. Empowering individuals means everything to me. In the black community, many of us are so broken down mentally and feel all hope is lost. Many of us are broken down physically and feel all hope is lost. There are a lot of messages out there about how we should feel and what we need to be doing to fit in. OTO Wellness the brand, company, the black owned company is simply made to shed light on the individual having the power despite what others may say AND taking responsibility for what the individual chooses to do with that power.

MSM: There was a line I read where you mentioned that you became your own client. Which leads us to the trend of it starting and finishing with you. This goes for us as well as our successes depending on the work we put in, especially as runners. Tell us about some of the services you provide to your clients.

Hasani: The services that are provided are your traditional personal training sessions (Virtual and in person) and nutritional coaching which is another avenue of lifestyle changes to set the clients up for long term success. Now, there’s also group training sessions, running programs to get the athlete ready for any distance, strength training programs for those who want to workout on their own time. I’m also working on mentoring/life coaching as a way to really assist those who need someone to talk to.

MSM: There’s nothing like a trainer that’s willing to get into the trenches with his clients when it comes to training. As I’ve watched your progress it seems as if there’s that constant connection between client and trainer (yourself).

Hasani: Oh yes! I LOVE working with my clients. I’ve had the best experiences in this career. If you ask me, I’d say I have the best career in the world. Also, I feel the best way to coach someone is to (if possible), get in dirty with them. I feel the best way to solve something is to get inside it; I don’t believe in coaching without trying to build a rapport. That rapport is critical. 

MSM: Now with all this, your business, training clients etc, you still find time to run. Not just recreation running but actual training miles, heavy miles. You’ve been over 200 miles per month for essentially months at a time. There’s a saying stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. You’re essentially always in a training cycle. What does a typical run week look like for you training and non-training?

Hasani: Haha, yea I like to believe I’m always ready (for a marathon), but I’m not. I have taken on a challenge I set for myself back in January of 2020 to run 200 miles. With the conclusion of May 2021, I’m now at 17 consecutive months of at least 200 miles in a month. The main difference in my recreational running versus training is my approach to each run. For example, recreational running means I’m just going out to stay sane, keep my fitness up and have a good base for when I start training (plus I’m obsessive with numbers). When I’m training, each run has meaning behind it. It fits into the end goal — for example a specific finishing time — for the race I’m training for. Oh yeah, and the speed runs. I don’t really do speed runs when I’m “just” running. I honestly hate it haha. I would rather run 10 easy miles than a speed workout of 5 or 6 miles. Lastly, when I’m training for a race I REALLY care about, I’ll sacrifice things (like sleep and macadamia nut cookies!) and time with people to make sure I can train properly. By the way, I’m not a morning person, so waking up at 4:30AM for a run before work is huge for me.

MSM: What inspires you to work this hard with running, training and working with clients?

Hasani: I feel with running, training, and working with clients, I’m inspired to work hard because with my clients, I want them to win so badly! I want them to feel amazing when they look at themselves in that metaphorical mirror. I’m not referring to the physical changes but their mental changes is what I want to help them with – to get the struggling ones to be good and the good ones to be great. I love seeing people win. This past Christmas, I was given a few cards from clients and even a going away card from a client of close to 5 yrs when I was leaving Equinox. These cards brought me to tears. The amount of gratitude that’s shown towards me. To hear things like “thank you for sticking with me during the pandemic,”  ”I couldn’t have been sane without you, which is why I upped my training frequency with you,“ and ”You’ve changed the way I look at life” means a lot to me. And to hear their spouse or someone close to them thanking me is really remarkable. All of these things inspire me to continue to work harder and smarter to continue to bring ways to the table for everyone to win. As for the running and training, I work this hard because I want to see how far I can push myself. Also,I never know who’s watching that may be inspired. 

MSM: For folks that are looking to get some nice miles in or a training session where can we keep up and keep track of Hasani aka Mr OTO, HP Fit?

Hasani: For any questions or comments about anything relating to mileage, running miles, walking miles, training, etc I can be reached at hasanipowell@otowellness.com or follow me on Strava (Hasani Powell) to follow my runs.

MSM: Any last words that you like to share with our readers?

Hasani: Thank you all for featuring me. I greatly appreciate it! #OWNTHEOUTCOME!

MSM: From us here at Mid Strike we wish you nothing but the best and blessings on OTO. Thank you for being the change. Congrats brother and good luck.

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