Healthy Talks with Akeem Johnson and Team Do It

By Jesse Specs Spellman, Photos by RCS Images

Akeem Johnson and Team Do It, Photo by RCS Images

In the current year we’ve seen all things unexpected; from social injustice, numerous police killings against unarmed black men. Not to mention, Covid 19 at the forefront of every single discussion that we’ve had in 2020. Covid did something that’s never happened to the New York City. EVERYTHING you could think of closed theaters, restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, you name it. Anything that warranted a crowd was not allowed.

At the time Akeem Johnson was a full-time bartender when his job closed its doors due to Covid 19. For a few weeks Akeem took a break thinking of what his next move would be. In 2015 Akeem created Team Do It all Day, a safe place for people of all ages to join and work out. No matter the age, fitness level or skill as Team Do It welcomes all with open arms. Once you start you are now part of the family. 

A few weeks after all the closings in New York City Akeem set out to create change in his community, in Brooklyn, New York, by using the same platform he created in 2015 but on a larger scale. He figured the best way was to create free socially distanced outdoor workouts for everyone that wanted to continue their fitness journeys. What started out as an outdoor workout with around 5-7 people has grown throughout the summer to around 50 visitors per day broken up into day and night sessions.

The meticulous approach in preparation to Team Do It starts with the same process usually the night before where recovery drinks are prepared for all participants that are regulars or new to the camp. Drinks are prepared by the gallons or water coolers, that usually consist of beet punch, ginger shots, mint and citrus lemonade along with the signature beverage of the summer camp, ginger-ade. The special potion consists of turmeric, ginger and fresh squeezed citrus juice. Once drinks are prepared through the night, Akeem and his team prepares the trip to where camp takes place in St. John’s Park, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Summer months in Brooklyn can be brutal but the progression of those in attendance tends to block those thoughts.

Akeem and his team Damian Delany, Gregory Roberts, Ronnie, Brigid Turner, Joelle Marie and Neil usually arrive before 10 am to set up each workout station. They follow social distance guidelines to avoid any possible spread of Covid. Each station features an individual workout spearheaded by a member of Team Do It, featuring various cardio, HIT drills, the signature anchor drill, cardio and strength drill and tone and sculpt station. Once a station is complete there is an option to move to the next station or remain in the same spot.

What makes Akeem and Team Do It workouts great is that the workouts usually cater to each persons need and skill set. Each trainer reflects this approach as well.

Photos by RCS Images

Team Do It camps welcomes all types of participants with open arms, once you visit Team Do It you are essentially part of the family and always welcomed with open arms. If you live in the New York City area stop by St Johns park to visit the team. You wont be dissapointed.

Team Do It Boot camp hours.

  • Monday: 6p-730p
  • Tuesday: 6p-730p
  • Wednesday: 6p-730p
  • Thursday: 6p-730p
  • Open
  • Open
  • Sunday Run-day: 9am Prospect Grand Army Plaza entrance

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