I Am Fit and Female A Healthy Chat with Tiffany Forte.

Last month was women's history month as well as international women's day. But here at Mid Strike Magazine, we celebrate our women of color EVERY DAY of the year. If you need to ask why it's simply because they are awesome nor do they get the amount of respect and recognition they deserve. There’re so many women out there doing their thing making their communities better and making a difference in people's lives whether it be through fitness, writing or simply showing up to get the work done. One of those women doing awesome things is Tiffany Forte. I came across one of her IG posts, it was simple “Every day isn’t going to be your best day but still get the work done”. It’s a mantra most of us runners go by daily. Let's have a healthy chat with Tiffany and discuss some of her inspirations, work ethics, training and her being a co-author.  

MSM: I saw one of your posts a few weeks back, it wasn’t your best day, but you still managed to push through. Whenever I see those types of posts it lets me know personally that it’ll be okay, just get out and get the work done and the body will adjust. We usually start these interviews with a brief intro to the person but in this case, what happened that day? We all have struggle days but tend not to speak on them. Usually, we all post the good runs, the ones we deem as successful. 

TF: To answer your question, I have no idea…I was fully rested (my body felt good, I went to bed on time, and my WHOOP device even said I was fully recovered from the day before), I had a good meal for dinner, I hadn’t drank any alcohol the night before and I had checked all the boxes. But for some reason my body wasn't performing the way I had hoped. That day was a long run day and more importantly, it was the run that was going to tell me where I was at as far as my training was concerned for the Rock n Roll ½ marathon back in March. So, to not finish was a difficult pill to swallow. Instead of giving up I was like, come on Tiff…just do what you can. If that's a walk/ run, do that, if it's just a walk, do that, if it's a light jog at a slow pace, we can do that too…but we must get back home which was at that point 3 miles away. LOL! I decided to post about it, because to your point, we only see people at their best moments on social media and that’s just not reality. Especially when it comes to fitness…every day you don't “feel” great, but you get through it and try to do better next time. 

MSM: When I started running consistently, personally I hated those types of runs/workouts when you felt like you simply didn't have it. But as I grew into the sport, I've learnt to accept that challenge of getting through those types of runs as it's essentially a mental challenge. It prepares us for the worst possible outcomes on race days and shows us how to push through. Everyone is obviously different, but how do these runs help you to better prepare? 

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