International spotlight with Roro Mokgele Ramathe

This month international runner spotlight takes us down to South Africa where the run culture in Johannesburg is an experience within itself, full of running clubs and runners that are looking to make a change and difference within the running culture. Anytime we get a chance to spotlight runners that are international, there's an excitement that we tend to have here as it essentially opens our eyes up to the larger community when it comes to running. This month we spotlight Roro Mokgele Ramathe, known simply as Roro, hes one of the main stays in the running community in Johannesburg.

Roro started his running journey 7 years ago with TheSis Run crew “One step at a time
One stride at a time” is their motto and Roro followed those steps. Experience in marathoning is something that he lacked but over time with the help of the team that lack of experience faded. Joining running clubs and teams also helps us to connect with other fellow runners over time, Roro also found other fellow run crews in the area such as Okay Run Crew, Eastrand crew and his “home team” Run Zone AC. Every club has its niche as I like to say but everyone also offers different routes and runs withing the Soweto area. As runners we all have that crossroad in our lives, it can be health related, mental, a challenge etc. For Roro it was weight loss, running helped him to do just that.

“I wanted to be in a different world, so running chose me and I chose running.”


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