JAmes PEronel

MSM: What made you want to tackle the marathon?

JP: Since 2018, I’ve been pursuing the 6-star challenge, after being inspired by fellow runners who have already achieved it, as well as those who are currently working towards it.

MSM: There are marathons and then there are majors which have a different vibe all together. Take us through the feelings of running that first world major and crossing the finish on the last one. Also, when did you know that you wanted to capture all 6 marathon majors?

JP: My debut marathon was in New York City, and it held special significance as it was dedicated to my mother. Back then, I was unaware of the majors or the 6-star achievement. Despite feeling nervous and emotional during the race, crossing the finish line and realizing I was on track to earn that 6-star medal felt incredibly fulfilling.

MSM: We’ve spoken about the races and running the majors but what has this experience felt like to you, the journey, struggles and training. Give our readers some insight into what those feelings were like going from marathon to marathon, I’m sure each one has a different story and perspective.

JP: Pursuing the 6-stars has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. It allowed me to explore countries I never imagined visiting. Berlin wasn’t initially on my travel list, but I ended up going because of the majors. Tokyo left a lasting impression on me with its cleanliness; I highly recommend everyone to experience it firsthand.

MSM: We are all runners but one of the things we seldom talk about is our full-time responsibilities outside of running. It’s amazing how most of us can find the time to train and run anywhere from 30–60-mile weeks all while balancing our day-to-day responsibilities. Crossing the finish line, finishing all the six-star world majors is an accomplishment, but what’s next? 

JP: Balancing a full-time job with weekend client training made it incredibly challenging for me to find time to train for Boston. As of now, I’ve retired from marathons, and what the future holds for me remains to be seen.

MSM: For those that are on this journey what words of encouragement, inspiration or advice would you share with other fellow runners?

JP: For those embarking on the journey of completing the World Major Marathons, I would offer these words of encouragement: Stay committed to your goals, embrace the challenges, and celebrate every step of your journey. Remember, it’s not just about the finish line, but the experiences and growth along the way. Lean on your fellow runners for support and believe in yourself even when the road ahead seems daunting. Most importantly, enjoy the journey and the incredible places it will take you.

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