Jerome Owens

Jerome Owens a recent world major marathon finisher decided in 2013 that living a healthy lifestyle was now a priority. His reasoning was losing his aunt in January 2014 which in turn had him begin his training with Kevin Sneed. At the start of his training Jerome weighed 360 pounds within time his weight dropped to around 300 pounds losing a total of 60 pounds in which he ran his first 5k back in April 2014.

Througout the years Jerome continued his journey running many races, most of those due to what he likes to call peer pressure. As runners we know what that consist of we run one race then the conversations tend to proceed to register for this race. In 2015 Jerome ran his second half marathon the dreaded HILLY Atlanta Publix. Issues would then creep in for Jerome with learning how to deal with the dreaded cramps. Jerome says his peer presser comes from Heather King which led to him training for 18 weeks and registering for the race 2 weeks prior. We are always driven by fear of failure but that didn’t stop Jerome as he cramped from miles 18 to 26 in the end, he did what mattered the most, he finished.

After finishing Publix Jerome credits Heather for inspiring him to tackle the 6-star challenge. Jerome didn’t have much information as to what it was or how to obtain it but Heather King gave him the roadmap to success.

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