Joseph Atkinstall, Joyous Optimistic Spontaneous Engaging Persistent Helpful

Joseph Atkinstall, Joyous Optimistic Spontaneous Engaging Persistent Helpful, see what he did there? If you’re a runner in the New York City area there’s a very good chance that you’ve ran, met or chatted or done 25 push-ups with him!!! If you haven’t chances are you’ll be doing them very soon simply because Joseph essentially is a runner that runs every part of NYC with the many run clubs of NYC. This month Joseph gives us a peek into his fall training, his goals and most of all his 25 daily push up challenge.

MSM: Hello my good brother. I’ve crossed many runners in the community but there are few that literally run everywhere, every race and for the most part literally runs every day. I gotta ask, where does all this energy come from?

Joseph: Ahhh, where do I start? I am passionate about running. I enjoy being around other runners. The atmosphere within the running community feeds my desire to run every chance that I get. I definitely gain energy from running with and motivating people to push themselves beyond their limits (or what they THINK are their limits) ... and then watching them succeed. That's where my energy comes from.

MSM: Let's get into your why, along with the moment when you knew that running was indeed the lifestyle that you wanted to get into. I always say we can choose all types of fitness lifestyles but to run takes a different type of mentality. For yourself why running and when did you know this was something you wanted to be consistent in?

Joseph: I was once a pro cyclist. However, in 2015 I was involved in a significant cycling accident. As a result of the accident, I had to take time off from riding. During my time off, I didn't want to stay home feeling sorry for myself or lose my level of fitness. I had a few friends that were runners, who in the past had invited me to run with them. At that time, I had no interest, as I could bike a mile much faster than I could run a mile. Eventually, I gave in and started running with them. As I gained confidence in my ability to run well, I signed up for my first NYRR race. After exposure to the running community and achieving some success, I knew that running would be my new fitness challenge. 

MSM: You run A LOT, technically we all do but you have a skill set that is to be in the know of almost everyone and everything in the local running community. How do you manage to keep up with everyone and everything so easily?

Joseph: I have made tons of connections at runs and races. Social media is part of how I stay “in the know.” It allows me to keep up with everyone and everything.  

MSM: We have a saying in Black Men Run NYC, “Stay ready so you don't have to get ready”. You’re always getting those heavy miles in. You’re always running races so let's skip the question of the races you’ve done in the past but let us know some of your favs. Also, what's your fall season looking like? Anytime I see 150 miles or more in a month from anyone that tells me that there's some large fall races that a person is prepping for.

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