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The world now goes around in the digital age, almost gone are interactions which felt so personal and what arrived was the digital age, an age where everything is at our fingertips, messages, thoughts, problems, you name it and we have it and its at our disposal with how we voice our feelings so it’s good every now and then to get a caring note or card, when you see a hand written note its personal, it’s thoughtful and caring. Insert Kimberly Hall, founder of Sole Inspired Inc. Inspiration and encouragement for runners and active people. This month for our Black owned business spotlight we chat with Kimberly Hall, Sole Inspired, her running, her journey and most of all her inspirtation.

MSM: We’re all about supporting runners and their businesses. Our goal at Mid Strike Magazine is to make sure we do what we can to support runners that have small businesses as yourself. Before we get into your business one thing, we also like to do is get to know the person behind the runner. For our readers let’s get a small glimpse/intro into who Kimberly Hall is.

Kimberly: I’m a proud mother to my son, Cameron, whom I call my SONshine. Watching him grow into a wonderful young man and pursue his lifelong dream gave me the confidence and courage to step out of faith and live life boldly. Almost five years ago, I left Corporate America to start my business, Sole Inspired. It was the scariest decision of my life, but I must say, I’ve loved every bit of this journey and the woman I’ve become. I try to live life with no regrets as I know firsthand that tomorrow is not promised, losing my husband in 2001 and my Mother & Father in 2016. By the grace of God, I’m living and not just existing, as running was my moving therapy to get me through the dark moments in life.  

MSM: It always starts with running, give our readers some background into your running. When did your journey begin?

Kimberly: In 2010, I was at lunch with some friends, and one of the ladies there mentioned she ran with a group in Charlotte, NC, called Ebony Eagles and that I should come out and join them. I told her I only ran a mile or two to warm up on the treadmill before working out at the YMCA, but I was interested. I met her the next week, and she chatted while we ran. When we finished, she said you just ran 4 miles, I was in total shock. Who knew that one conversation would lead to 55+ half marathons, 9 marathons, and 1 ultra-marathon. It’s so crazy for me to wrap my mind around all the races I’ve run over a short period of time.   

MSM: You’ve run MANY MANY races over the years, FIFTY 5-0 marathons and counting, Marathons, run streaks etc. Needless to say, you’re always on the go, always running and always striving to be the best version of yourself when it comes to fitness. Outside of staying fit how has running helped you with your day to I’m sure many things carry over from running.

Kimberly: Running gave me purpose, fed my soul, and helped me through dark moments.  My favorite runs were solo.  I could “Be” on those runs.  If I wanted to cry, laugh, or enjoy nature, I could.  Running road races pulled out the competitive side of me physically.  Seeing what my body could do and striving to improve, get faster, and smash goal after goal was thrilling. 

MSM: 50 half marathons and other races are a lot which means you’re almost always in a training cycle, always ready. What does a typical training week look like for someone that is a runner, parent, and business owner?

Kimberly: When I started running, my son left for undergraduate school in 2010, so I didn't have to worry about him per se. I'm naturally a planner, so having an excel spreadsheet with my planned runs worked great. I traveled for work quite a bit, but I would always pack my running shoes, and if I needed to run 4 to 8 miles on the treadmill, I was disciplined enough to get it done because I wanted to get fast enough to qualify for Boston. Unfortunately, I never qualified for Boston, and it's not been on my radar since my knee surgery. Long gasp, yes, my long-distance days have come to an end. In 2021, I had surgery on my medial meniscus. With more arthritis than anticipated, I've run nonstop, at most 3 miles at a time, since the surgery.   

MSM: “Movement is therapy”, while running do you find yourself having a sense of release, clarity?

Kimberly: Yes, clarity, a sense of being in the moment. I love to listen to my breathing, feel my feet striking the ground, and truly take in my surroundings. There’s something extraordinary about the air hitting my face and just being. 

MSM: I love how you explore nature as much as you can, there’s a different type of peace that can be found while exploring. What are some of your favorite activities when it comes to being outdoors, things that may not include running?

Kimberly: So, who knew I would discover the beauty of my local waterways through stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking? There is something peaceful about gently paddling, sending ripples into the reflections on the water. The beauty didn't stop there, as I ventured on to hiking, camping, and visiting waterfalls. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun's warmth on my skin makes me feel one with nature. 

MSM: When we first started Mid Strike, we had a segment dedicated solely to run streakers. You just completed one yourself. The anatomy of a run streak can vary, and everyone does it for all different reasons. What was your reason when you were doing your run streak? To run daily takes a lot of discipline and determination and accountability.

Kimberly: After my knee surgery, I purchased a Peloton bike in late 2021, as I was focused on recovery and building muscle in my legs. I love the Peloton bike, but it’s nothing like being outside running. I periodically do 30-day streaks, including a run or walks to get out daily. I listen to my body (knee) and walk when needed. Running is still my first love, although I feel like I’m cheating with the Peloton. lol

MSM: Let's stick with accountability for a bit. Who are some of the folks that continue to hold you accountable not only for the run streak but running in general. Also, while running we tend to inspire other runners that are in various parts of the country and globe both national and international. Who are the folks that inspire you to keep going, to be the best version of yourself.

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