Knight Ryders BK “ROLLIN” with Reg Wyns, André Pinard & Kwesi Fraser

Since we’ve started this publication, we’ve almost always focused on the diverse running community, speaking with countless runners when spotlighting their journeys through running. As I’ve been a runner over the years one thing, I’ve noticed is how much the cycling community ties into the running community. This month we’re going to things a little bit different as we’ve decided to spotlight the cycling community with the hopes that we also give the diverse cycling groups the attention they deserve, to show the diverse fitness community that there is indeed another avenue to fitness in our communities. One of those cycling groups is based in the NYC area and if by chance you’ve seen a group of riders riding around at night then there's a good chance you’ve just crossed Knight Ryders BK. 

MSM: Welcome to Mid Strike. We’ve decided to take a different approach this month spotlighting our diverse bike family. For our readers give us an intro into yourself and some of the founders of Knight Ryders. 

KR: First, thank you for the opportunity to share our club and our story with your community. 

Reg: I am Reg Wyns, an actor, performing artist, cultural connector, a father, and co-founder of Knight Ryders Brooklyn Bike Club.

My fellow co-founders are: 

  • André Pinard, a sociologist, consumer insights expert, marketer, father, and community strategist who works at adidas. 
  • Frei Speech is a performing artist, creative, DJ and a producer of cultural & entertainment events.  
  • Kwesi Fraser, aka Dr. Fresh, is an entrepreneur, creator of Drink Fresh Juice, a cold pressed juice company. He’s also a father and an accomplished marketer & event producer. Dr. Fresh is our direct link to all thing’s health & wellness.

MSM: I find that cyclists usually have a background in running or use biking to stay fit and vice versa. Where does some of your fitness background stem from? Were you always into biking in the past or was it something that you picked up later in life?

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