LaTiffany Sauls

LaTiffany Sauls

MSM: What made you want to tackle the marathon?   

LaTiffany: Hello I’m LaTiffany Sauls from Texas. I completed by 6-star journey and 10th marathon at the 2024 Tokyo Marathon. I have always loved running and wanted to challenge myself.

MSM: There are marathons and then there are majors which have a different vibe all together. Take us through the feelings of running that first world major and crossing the finish on the last one. Also, when did you know that you wanted to capture all 6 marathon majors? 

LaTiffany: NYC marathon 2018 was my first world major. It was exciting and scary. The crowd support was amazing and got me through the last 10k including the steep ascent in Central Park to the finish line. I like to travel solo so i celebrated my finish with other finishers. I decided to do the majors after getting into NYC on my first attempt via lottery. Tokyo was my final one.  Since I’m a back of the packer for the marathon distance, I was more concerned about the checkpoints. I was relieved to finish that race more than any of them.   

MSM: We’ve spoken about the races and running the majors but what has this experience felt like to you, the journey, struggles and training. Give our readers some insight into what those feelings were like going from marathon to marathon, I’m sure each one has a different story and perspective.

LaTiffany: I used the same training plan for each marathon. Since I have lupus (too much sun exposure can trigger a flare up) and I live in the Houston area which has terrible humidity, I trained at 4am almost 100% of the time.  I also prefer running in the mornings to get my day started.  I’m a stickler for completing my marathon training cycles and I believe in respecting the 26.2-mile distance.  Because I work 10 hour shifts a 3-day work week (speedwork, tempo run and long run) training plan works best for me.   

MSM: We are all runners but one of the things we seldom talk about is our full-time responsibilities outside of running. It’s amazing how most of us can find the time to train and run anywhere from 30–60-mile weeks all while balancing our day-to-day responsibilities. Crossing the finish line, finishing all the six-star world majors is an accomplishment, but what’s next? 

LaTiffany: Now that my 6 star journey is complete, I will resume state chasing  running a race in each of the states in the USA)  I’m over halfway finished.

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  • Johanna Chesser
    2 weeks ago Reply

    Yasss!! Congrats to my running boo!! She’d definitely my inspiration!❤️❤️❤️

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