Marathon Saturday, the morning of shakeout runs

I’ve ran the New York City Marathon 5 times over a span of 6 years minus the covid year. The thing about running the marathon, any one for example is the discipline you must follow for the weeks and days leading up to the big race. If you’re ever in the big city prior to marathon Sunday, it’s an experience within itself, the city is literally running. Thousands of runners preparing to tackle 26.2 miles. Marathon Saturday to an extent can be as big as marathon Sunday. The difference is rather than everyone running from one location to the end in unison, marathon Saturday morning you can find yourself with the opportunities to hop into many shake out runs we had the opportunity to choose from 16 with many others that I’m sure went un noticed or under the radar. Since we were not running, we decided to play a fin game of how many shake out runs could we get to in a span of 2 hours.

Enter TeamWrk with Joe and Jenn Shayne and their collaboration with Puma NYC. We started at The Puma flagship store with a morning of marathon visualization clinic and shake out run. With a course that is as difficult as New York City it’s very important to visualize the race that you’re going to run, manifest those thoughts of having the successful race that we all want to have, that’s something the TeamWrk team helps you to do. You left that clinic with a sense of being comfortable, relaxed, and ready to go. This crew knows how to make a runner feel welcome as they let me hop into their shakeout with open arms. This is what community is all about.

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