Marathon Training, remember your why

As the sun grows hotter, and you grow heavy with fatigue, remember your why. As the precipitation penetrates your surface, remember your purpose. Remember what drives you when you're seeking out reasons why you need to keep the forward momentum. Momentum that's fueled by consistency and discipline not feelings and fair fair weather. The path to better is a culmination of decisions that are grown from your habits and not hesitation.

I can go on and on about generalizations about the very real experiences of internal battles that runners face. It is something I know all too well from my 8 marathons. The battle when a training block starts is the most difficult. You can immediately be derailed by adjusting to your new run schedule while life continues in the background. For most of us, we're balancing work, personal life and marathon training which all require you to be very attentive to each one. I'm exhausted just by reliving this but I digress…

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