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The fitness community comes in all shapes and sizes especially when it comes to the diverse community. As runners we are essentially programmed to think that a runner or runners are supposed to be tall, thin, and fit where in reality this is not necessarily the case. Runners come in all shapes and sizes and offer inspiration to those that need it most. One of those runners is Maritza Soto, founder of Plus Size Transformations LLC. Let's take a trip down to Miami to chat it up with Maritza Soto as we get an introduction into Plus Size Transformation.

MSM: Welcome to Mid Strike Magazine, for our readers let’s give us an introduction into who Maritza Soto is.

Maritza Greetings! 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share insight on my fitness company, PLUS SIZE TRANSFORMATIONS LLC. and its involvement in the community. 

I am Maritza Soto, a 1st generation Afro-Cuban Ph.D. Candidate in the field of Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology. I was born and raised in a small Spanish community called Allapattah, in Miami, FL. I am known as “Soto” in my community. I am a young Afro-Latina, and the last born after my Cuban mother survived the challenges of residing in the U.S. as an Afro-Cuban refugee. I am also the daughter of an Afro-Cuban professional boxer, Manuel Soto, better known as “El Monstro,” whose spirit recently transitioned on December 23, 2019. I have four siblings, 1 brother and sister in Cuba, and 1 brother and sister in the U.S.   

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