Issue #6

Mid Strike Feature Runner

Débora Taylor

Equality, Respect & Representation for BLACK WOMEN

This is the city of Sao Paulo, one of Brazil’s largest, loaded with a diverse culture, population, and most of all one of the most vibrant influential run crews in the southern hemisphere known as PRJCT Run – founded by Débora Taylor and Ton Hamilton. This month instead of crossing the pond Mid Strike Magazine is heading south to chat with Débora Taylor as we discuss PRJCT run, the run culture, why PRJCT run was created and most of all balancing life and running.

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Healthy Talks

with Ben Chan

The very opinionated fixture of the NYC running community opens up about racism in the running community, his tough childhood (and adulthood), and being a “Bad Asian American”. And, oh yeah, those leopard print speedos! Ben Chan. The name might not ring a bell unless you know him as a teammate, family member, or close friend.  BUT if you’ve ever run a race in the NYC area, I can guarantee that you’ve seen him on multiple occasions. I like to call it a subtle appearance especially during cold weather races as he’s that runner that you usually see with just a hat…and usually leopard print running shorts. If it is frigid he may be sporting a pair of gloves.  Having seen Ben on many occasions I’d say he is a very brave man, especially when it’s cold outside, but every time Ben runs there’s usually a message he runs with.

Run Streaking with Muindi Kimanzi

By Jesse Specs Spellman

It’s not often we get to speak with runners on this side of the world. Our goal is to open up doors and avenues to regular ordinary runners that run every day with specific reasons and goals as to why they and we run. This months Mid Strike Run streaker is Kenyan runner Muindi Kimanzi.

Live, Laugh, Run & Dance with Shawanna White

Live, laugh, run and DANCE. Run some more, then dance some more. Finish up a long run and finish up with some dance moves. Shawanna White brings so much joy into her passion for running as she does it with a smile every time. If you ever needed a smile or to feel good and gain inspiration look no further than Shawanna White the 6th fastest BLACK born US Marathoner with a time of 2:45:19. This month, Mid Strike Magazine is excited to speak with South Carolina native Shawanna as we get to find out how she became one of the fastest black athletes in the United States.


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Black Business Spotlight with Paul Roberson of SoBol Bed-Stuy

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY Paul has seen everything Brooklyn has had to offer. If you grew up in Brooklyn, personally I can tell you certain neighborhoods aren’t looked to as providing the healthiest meals for those that live there. In most low income neighborhoods you’ll find the usual McDonalds, Burger King, Popeyes etc. The best way to enact change is to be the change, be the difference and this is something Paul has done. On November 11th Paul created the change needed in his community by opening up Sol Bol in Bed-Stuy. SoBol provides the neighborhood with fresh healthy meals, a complete 180 from the norm that we’re use to seeing in our communities.

Michael Capiraso Resigns

By Curtis John

In issue #3 of Mid Strike Magazine we featured an interview with Rebuild NYRR, an anonymous coalition of current and former New York Road Runners (organizers of the NYC Marathon and one of the best-known running organizations in the world) employees who after years of experiencing unchecked racism, bias, and bullying by NYRR higher-ups, led a very public online and social media campaign calling for the immediate resignation of Michael Capiraso, President and CEO of NYRR. Rebuild NYRR got tons of support from the run community, many of whom at the running of races or participating at events experienced similar biases from NYRR.

On November 30th, after months of ongoing efforts, their desires came true as the NYRR board of directors and Capiraso are parting ways.  This is what happens when a community comes together to make something happen. This is what happens ‘enough is enough’. 

Mid Strike Magazine is also what happens when a community comes together. This online publication is what happens when you don’t see yourself genuinely represented in running culture — you create your own.  Capiraso’s leaving is not enough.  The entire culture of white supremacy needs to change.  So let’s be bold enough to fight and work together to make that happen.  

In the words of Black Running Organization (B.R.O.), the Baltimore, MD run group featured in our October issue: LET’S GROW!  

Mid Strike Magazine Podcast Feature: The Start Line Podcast

Hosted by Dee, Jules and Petrina – three sisters who somehow have stumbled into a love of running…mainly because we love to eat! OK…that’s not the only reason. The main reason we love running is because running can change lives. Running can connect people. Running can help your physical and mental health. Running can make you realise you can do things you never thought you could do. And we wanted to share our love of running… and of music, and of food, of our running community and, most importantly of all, of each other – and our sista-hood.So we’ll be asking you – as well as some very special guests – to join us, to talk about running, eating, life… and everything in between!


PT Sessions with Jade George of Made by Jade Fitness

Jade George of Made By Jade Fitness

Purpose, preparation, and perseverance. The 3 P’s are Jade George’s way of taking an overwhelming thought process and creating a straightforward goal.

Jade states a Majority of the time people come to me not knowing how to eat, what to do in the gym, or just where to start. So I always ask their purpose for wanting to start personal training. Where are you at in your life right now that you are tired of saying one day and are ready for day one.

This month we visit Baltimores own Jade George owner of Made By Jade Fitness as she dishes out some fitness tips for Mid Strike Magazine.

The Big A88 Jogger Lou Alexander

Lou Alexander The Big A88 Jogger

Chirp CHIRRRRRP, chances are if you’re in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California you’ve heard this call from the Big A88 Jogger, Lou Alexander. Lou’s journey began in collegiate sports at Syracuse University as a football player. During this pandemic Lou took up the habit of jogging hence the name Big A88 Jogger. Standing at 6’4, 255 pounds Lou works to obtain greatness and to bring out the best not only in himself but all of his clients. Running has continued to grow in our communities and this has even led to Lou creating The Big A88 Jogger run club which launched in mid November. It’s not often we catch a run club at its inception but this month Mid Strike Magazine was able to catch one. Let’s take a look into this new run club on the rise in California, The Big A88 Jogger Run Club.

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Finishing Strong with The Young People’s Champion Jordynn West

Please remember the name, Jordynn West. This phenomenal young athlete is blazing a trail on a national stage. She is on pace to becoming a future Olympian, if she continues at this rate. But beyond her athletic accomplishments, what set Jordynn apart is her growth mindset.

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