Throughout this publication one thing that we have truly enjoyed is featuring podcasts that work tirelessly to inspire athletes in the world of fitness. Podcasts that create change and while bringing attention to stories in the communities that aren't necessarily told in mainstream media. One Podcast that is working to change that is Ladies Keeping Track. The cool thing about Ladies Keeping Track is that not only are they speaking on topics that are complex, but they are highlighting the stories of women that have been making a huge impact in this community.  

MSM: We are extremely ecstatic to feature Keeping Track Women in this issue of Mid Strike Magazine as the podcast feature as this is the first time, we’ve actually had any Olympian or Olympians in this publication, with that being said thank you for allowing us to share your journey. That being said, let's give our readers an introduction into who Molly Huddle, Alysia Montano and Roisin Mcgettigan are.

Keeping Track: Molly is a current pro runner for Saucony and American Record Holder in some events, living in Providence RI and training for road races marathons at the moment. She has been racing professionally for 14 years now and does some writing for Runners World and her book with Sara Slatery How She Did It and as you know does some podcasting! Alysia is a mom of 3, 800m runner and 3-time world medalist for Cadenshea and Altra, author of Feel-Good Fitness and founder of nonprofit &Mother advocating for Maternity rights of athletes and more.  Ro is a Mom of 3 as well, ran for Ireland in the 2008 Olympics and is co founder of Believe Training Journals as well as co creator of the Irish school program Dare to Believe and is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works in Sports Psychology and more. 

MSM: One thing we like to do here at Mid Strike is we have essentially gotten to know the people behind the runners. Think of it as our readers going on a nice leisurely jog around the neighborhood or a few loops around the track. Before we get into the podcast, let's get to know each of you. You’re all Olympians which is awesome obviously but what we’re curious to know is what drew all three of you to this sport and your respective events?

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