Mid Strike shaking it out in The Chi Town

By Jesse Spellman

With the blitz of Marathons over the past month with Chicago, Berlin, and Boston some of the folks at Mid Strike was fortunate enough to find our way into the Chicago Marathon. If you were there then you experienced the vibe, if you weren't then let's try to summarize the experience. Chicago is a great city and if you're fortunate enough to run it’s also a great location for a meet up. Think of it as a mid-point for east, west, Midwest and southern runners which presented a unique opportunity to meet up and host a shakeout run, not any shakeout run but Mid Strike Magazines first ever shakeout run.

The run hosted various runners and clubs from around the country which essentially felt like an extended family meet up before the big party of running 26.2 miles around the city of Chicago with run clubs such as Movement Runners, Keep it Run Hundred, Black Men Run Chicago and Life Of The Party runners to name a few. So how does Mid Strike Magazine host a shakeout run? Well, you get to know who and what we're all about. You get to know what we represent as a people, what the magazine represents and most of all what diversity in the run community is all about.

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