Miles in Running with Reginald Cross

Quite simply if you want to get faster you look for runners that are fast and simply try to keep up, eventually you’ll notice that your pace will begin to drop, breathing will be easier, confidence will start to enter then by the time you know it will become second nature. In the end it's all about the work that you put in which will lead to what your performance will be. One person that is a prime example of that is Reginald Cross, this brother has been tearing up the pavement over the last few years literally blazing these streets and staying consistent in doing so. This month we get to chat with Reginald because I'm curious and I'm sure you are all as well as to how we can gain that much speed and stay consistent with it.

MSM: My good brother, welcome to Mid Strike. There seems to be a very quiet focused energy about you and you’re running but we’ll get into that a bit later. For now, let's get a little intro into Reginald.

Reg: I’ve always had a passion for running and helping others succeed in meeting their goals. I took up distance running in the past 2 years and absolutely love it. 

MSM: For someone like yourself I'm sure running has been a part of your lifestyle early on. How long have you been running, not only that but what was it that got you into running?

Reg: Well, I started running my sophomore year in high school 30 years ago. I was told several times from my classmates that I should join the track team after competing in an annual military drill course. I was hesitant to join my freshman year, so the following year I decided to join the track team as a sprinter. I’ve run the 100m, 200m, and 400m with pretty fast times back then. I believe that I was born with natural talent which allowed me to advance in high school track. I did not run while in college, but I did run with a club for about 3 years. Fast forward 20 years later I decided to start running during the beginning of the pandemic. So, I started with running 3 miles a day plus strength training 5 days a week. After doing months of training just to stay fit - I decided that I wanted to run a race but unsure of the distance. My first race was a 4 miler on Nov. 21, 2020, with Pace Runs in a time of 28:44. I didn’t know if that was a good time or not, but that first race made me feel great and I became a fan of distance running. 

MSM: Sticking to the beginning, the track is where it began for you and it's something we tend to not stay consistent with when it comes to our run training. How has it helped you to remain so consistent over the years and what are some of the workouts that have helped to build that speed of yours?

Reg: So, speed sessions on the track bring back memories of when I was a sprinter. I absolutely love being on the track at least once a week. I’ve created a few workouts that allowed me to progress with my speed over the year. Interval speed sessions on the track with less recovery is my bread and butter plus hill repeats once a week. For example: 

  • 16 x 200m with 60s recovery 
  • 12 x 400m with 90s recovery 
  • 8 x 800 with 60s recovery 
  • 5 x 1 mile with 3 min. recovery
  • 200m Hill Repeats etc…

MSM: I always say for us runners it's hard to stay consistent running solo at times, we always need a good team in our corner to help push us forward. Who have been some of the people/teams that have kept you on your toes, to remain consistent and push you to be better?

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