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Let’s Get Uncomfortable 

At first glance, running is the most inclusive of all the sports. All you need to run is a body, a desire to move it, and willingness to compete with yourself. But if you dare to look a little bit deeper into the sport, you learn very quickly that not every runner enjoys the same spoils, freedom and access when it comes to running. 

Let’s Get Uncomfortable was born out of the desire to discuss the inequalities in running from body types, to accesses, representation and inclusivity out in the open. It also grew to support runners protesting for social justice, at a time when the inequalities to housing, healthcare, childcare, education, and safe employment were exposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery in 2020, also placed front and center the dangers and inequalities that some runners encounter when they decide to lace up their sneakers. In each episode, Let’s Get Uncomfortable challenges brand representatives, athletes, coaches, run crew leaders and race directors to analyze their experiences, power and access to discuss the inequalities in the sport of running.

When it came time to execute the plan for the podcast, Inés Bebea recruited diverse voices eager to examine their own bias while challenging guests to openly discuss their privilege or lack thereof through their running experiences. Nathan Schiller and Jaime Chien contribute with their different cultural perspectives, humor, and running experiences. Along with our guests, we explore the impact, power, and potential of the running industry as well as its influences from the boardroom to the consumer.

New York City and its running history are always in the background of the podcast and serve as the starting line to connect the conversation to other cities and their running experiences. Let’s Get Uncomfortable aims to encourage dialogue by giving voices to historically-marginalized groups, challenging listeners to examine their own roles and what changes they can make.

Inés was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and ran her first half-marathon in Paris after completing her graduate degree in journalism. Nathan is a Pittsburgh native who works as a writer and educator, and runs ultramarathons when he is healthy. Jaime is a Brooklynite who got into running on a dare, and crushed the trifecta of marathons by running Berlin, Chicago and New York City in 2017.

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  • George Rehmet
    3 years ago Reply

    Wonderful article. I look forward to tuning into Let’s Get Uncomfortable podcasts.

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