Ms. Orr is Ms Orr 2u!!!

When we think of the Detroit area and the running community the first thing, we usually think about is We Run 313, usually starts with the founders but the thing about this crew is the reflection of its leadership from top to bottom. Lance and Joe have set the tone from the top but this time we are going to look at one of the runners that has made an extraordinary journey for herself over the past few years, her name is Audri Orr and this month we have the pleasure of talking to her about her journey, her why and most importantly her inspiration.

MSM: Welcome Ms. Orr. Usually, we start with a little introduction into who you are, but I must jump right in. The David Goggins challenge. 48 miles in two days, did I read that correctly? First question we have is why followed by how?

AUDRI: LOL. Yes, you read that correctly, 4x4x48 you run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 HOURS. You totally, have to decide if you're going to sleep, eat, shower, or stretch in between your miles. That was all grit and determination!

MSM: I'm still in awe and amazement but the question I have is why? 

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