Nasara Gargonnu Inspiration and Motivation

I am a proud member of Black Men Run NYC and Black Men Run and one of the beautiful things about this organization are the positive Black men that represent their chapters and cities. There was a fact that I stated back in our February issue: 40% of Black men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease as compared to 21% of white men. It's one of the most important statistics that we as Black men don’t focus on until it's too late. The beauty of Black Men Run is that each chapter continues to promote health and wellness within the Black male community by simply being active.  In my journey, it's been a beautiful sight to see not only the transformations in my chapter but also in other chapters as well.

This month we have the pleasure of speaking with Nasara Gargonnu, captain of the Black Men Run San Diego chapter and a bundle of joy and positive energy.

MSM: My good brother, we are excited to finally have a chance to speak with you. Before we get a little into your background I must ask: Where do you get this energy from? It seems like every time I see one of your videos you're constantly moving or on the go.

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