Nathan Martin, The Fastest US Born African American Marathoner

Mid Strike Magazine feature Nathan Martin

Whew!!!! Let's just start right there. Most of us that read this magazine love to run, we love to race, we love marathons, we love the competition and most of all we love the rewards that come from it. Every now and then we encounter a runner that seems to conquer all of the above, a runner that simply has all the tools to put together a plan to essentially run the best race, a fast race...and by fast WE MEAN very fast. If you saw him at first sight you probably wouldn't know that he is one of the fastest runners you’ve ever met because that’s not his personality. No, this person is humble, willing to teach and most importantly willing to share his wealth of run knowledge to young athletes and all youth. His name is Nathan Martin and he is the fastest African-American born runner in the United States and we are extremely excited to chat with him in this edition of Mid Strike Magazine. 

MSM: Nathan, welcome to Mid Strike. We’ve watched you from afar these past few months and we always wanted to interview you here at Mid Strike, but it always felt like the timing wasn't right of when we should do this feature. Now, as we’re going into marathon season, this feels right. So let's get an introduction into Nathan Martin! Give our readers some insight into who you are.

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