Pamela Price 340 Miles From LA to Las Vegas

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Former American Ninja Warrior, Wipeout finalist and rare disease warrior Pamela Price ran 340 grueling miles from the Santa Monica Pier to the Las Vegas sign with Team Unlimited Women for The Speed Project relay race. 

In 51 hours, the Filipina athlete endured freezing temperatures, high elevation, desert heat and high winds as she and her teammates proved that women could do anything they set their mind to. The Speed Project included 65 teams from 12 countries. 

Departing at 4AM from the Santa Monica Pier, Pamela took on relay segments, from fast 1-mile repeats for 24 miles in Death Valley to long 8-mile race segments at sunrise.

A trained dancer, Pamela traded in her pointe shoes for sneakers after discovering her love for distance running. Diagnosed with Behçet's disease in 2013, a rare autoimmune disorder caused by inflammation of the blood vessels, Pamela lives with permanent nerve damage on her right side. 

Scouted for NBC's hit show, American Ninja Warrior, she also starred in TBS' reboot of Wipeout, making it to the finals. Suffering from multiple concussions and a rotator cuff injury, Pamela continues to compete, run the mountains of SoCal and rock climb. 

She has finished first place at races such as Valencia Trail Race, Spacerock Trail Race, Spartan Trail and Tougher Mudder. Off the course, she is the senior executive producer of the Hollywood Beauty Awards, known as the 'Oscars of beauty' and a journalist/Vice President of the daily news site,

In 2020, Pamela launched the care package community and rare disease resource program: We Care When You Flare, operated under WE CARE WHEN Inc. She is an active member of The American Behcet’s Disease Association and activist for the #BehcetsWarrior community, corresponding with women and men living with Behcet’s Disease around the world.

Follow Pamela on Instagram @Pamdrenaline 

We followed up with a couple of questions below for Pamela Price because simply put, she is amazing!!!

MSM: 340 miles in the desert isn’t for the faint of heart and it also takes a strong support team to achieve that goal. Team unlimited women was a representation of just that. How did everyone meet and when did you all come to the decision that The Speed Project was something everyone wanted to do.

Pamela: World Record holder, Jocelyn Rivas curated Team Unlimited Women. She aimed to create a team of women who represent a diverse set of communities and backgrounds. Separately, we have all overcome challenges and life obstacles; together, we look to running as our beam of strength and release. From Mom warriors; including Chloe Ang, as well as  Gigi/Gabi Villalobos who is a dedicated healthcare worker, to great business minds and designers (Tay Artis, Kari Weis, etc.) and Emily Haag who literally ran across America and completed the first underwater marathon; I think it’s safe to say that all of these women are the positive influences we need to lift up and look to in the run community. The Speed Project is the kind of race that’s built for these women to continue to test our grit and fortitude. It’s thanks to the team effort and our outstanding crew, that we got to the Vegas sign.

The team & crew: Jocelyn Rivas, Chloe Gloriani Ang, Rosa Kwak, Gabriella Villalobos, Tasheri Artis, Kari Weis, Emily Haag, Lissete Pastor, Mireille Sine, Stephanie Cervantes, Victor Garcia, Karina Carvajal, Jessenia Trinidad, Victor Martinez, Paulina Valenzuela, Moises, Steven "Steady", Josh & Sebastian Gonzalez.

MSM: Behçet's disease, would you give our readers some insight into your day to day, what it consists of managing this disease. It’s amazing that you’re still able to run, have a healthy lifestyle and most of all inspire many.

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