Rosaleen Pizarro CPA, All Smiles All Running!

Running does so much for us on our day to day. It is a sport that is open to everyone, all races, shapes, and sizes. The thing about running is it is a sport that is one of the toughest, physical, and mental activities that we know so when we come across runners that take to the sport and genuinely enjoy it why not discuss their passion and their why. This month we highlight one of those runners, she's part of Adidas Runners NYC and does everything with a smile on her face, Rosaleen Pizarro. If you’ve ever seen her, you’ll be able to recognize her smile anywhere.

MSM: Welcome to Mid Strike. Usually, we like to pace ourselves when it comes to these questions, but I figured we’d start off with the obvious. Where does the joy come from? From what I've seen, in almost every run photo you’re full of smiles.

RP: It’s easier to smile when you really love what you are doing. My joy comes from the privileges to have a healthy mind and body to be able to run. Plus being surrounded by amazing people in the running community is also a big part of the joy. 

MSM: We all start our run journeys for specific reasons. How did you discover the world of running?

RP: From the time I was a kid, I was always someone that enjoyed being active, playing sports, and working out. Most of my cardio was running on the treadmill for 30/45 mins. But back in the beginning of 2018 I decided I wanted a physical challenge and signed up for the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon through Team for Kids. I am a super extrovert people person, and when I realized this running thing comes with a community. I was hooked! 

MSM: When we start running, usually it's solo, venturing out on run routes alone, eventually we end up discovering run crews around the areas we run. How did you discover Adidas Runners NYC?

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