Run Fam USA with Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez founder of Run Fam USA has been on an impressive journey over the past few months from the start of his running journey focusing on his weight loss to hitting the gym at 5am daily consistently as he is currently still working to improve his body, Mike has been on a mission to be in the best shape that be can be as he at this stage in his life. He's gone from dropping 50 pounds to never looking back, Mike has been on one of the most impressive journey's that we've seen and it's only right we discuss his journey and what led him to this point. This month we chat it up with Mr Run Fam USA, Michael Martinez.

MSM: My good brother, welcome to Mid Strike. I always say as a runner we watch each other from afar and it's the progress that draws us to each other. We always see our journeys when they are in progress or when results are coming in but never see the why vs when. When did your run journey begin and what was your reason?

Michael: Hey, first I would like to thank you for the recognition. My original journey started back in 2008, I was overweight drinking and smoking cigarettes regularly. I was forced to relocate from Atlanta to NYC and checked into a homeless shelter. It was there where I realized I had hit rock bottom, and I had to change things in my life. I started walking up to 5 miles a day, but it was taking me 2 hours. I needed to figure out how I could complete it faster. I searched the web and found an article “The 8-Week Beginner’s Walk-to-Run Program” that promised I would be running 2 miles consecutively in approx. 30 min. I followed that plan all the while still drinking and smoking cigarettes smh lol. I stuck with that plan for about a year and lost 50lbs. I went from 306 to 256. Shortly after I relocated back to Atlanta I was still smoking and drinking. Still in the gym and working out but not adhering to any kind of diet. I figured if I'm working out then I can eat anything I want right? Wrong! Lol So the good news was I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2011 and went on to run my first half marathon and full marathon. I somehow gained all the weight back and realized in January 2014 I was 302lbs. As a New Year's Resolution, I promised myself I would change my lifestyle forever. I realized that my addiction to alcohol was holding me back from the life I wanted to live. I set a goal that on the MLK Holiday 2014 that I would do a One Hundred Days of fitness/No Alcohol. It was the key to my initial success. Within that time, I stumbled onto meal prepping, and it was a life saver. I did even more research and found there were some health benefits in red wine. I told myself when I got off the challenge that I would stick to red wine. It worked! I found momentum and consistency. I ended up losing 10lbs a month for 7 straight months. It was hard and it was lonely for those first 6-7 months, and eventually down to 216.  It was August ‘2014’ when I found Black Men Run and then the Black Running Community in Atlanta. I was no longer lonely. I found my Wolf Pack. 

MSM: You’re a very active runner, always on the move and always consistent with the miles, give us some insight to your run background and some of the races that you’ve run.

Michael: Consistent for the most part that maybe true, but I've had my spells lol. I've run almost every race in Atlanta at least 3X. It was the Black Running Community that showed me how to run and travel. So, I’ve been fortunate enough to run halves and full marathons around the country and around the world. Some of the most notable are the Paris Marathon, Chicago Marathon x2, Berlin Marathon, and I was able to run my city thanks to Kimberly Williams helping me get into the NYC Marathon. 

MSM: We must get into your results which are, very impressive, you’ve come a very long way when it comes to your fitness and health. Changes of this nature don't come from just running. They come from discipline, diet, and full lifestyle changes. What were some of those changes that you’ve made that have helped you change for the better? 

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