Run Streaking with Brigid Turner

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2019 Berlin Marathon

If you always do what you’ve always done.


You will always get what you’ve always gotten!


When you see her on the streets or at a race you’ll always be greeted by her smile, “hey runner hi”, or our personal fav “BRAM BRAM BRAM BRAM.” Brigid aka ‘DopeShoesB’ has been tearing up the pavement these last couple of Corona months where she’s currently sitting at a 133 run day streak, which I am sure will be increased by the time you’re reading this article. As with most of us, she’s more than just a runner. Let’s dive into her run streak and also what happens after the run.

MSM: First off, I’d like to start off by saying 133 days is pretty amazing. My personal best is only six days, and for our readers let that sink in real quick (laughs) 6 days vs 133 days. Hey Dope Shoes (BRAM BRAM BRAM BRAM), let’s jump into this . What made you start this streak? 

DopeShoesB: Firstly, it’s spelled DopeShoesB – LOL!!! I didn’t really think of it as streaking, but I guess you can call it that. I started when they announced that I wouldn’t be able to go back to work (I work in a school) and the fear they put on society to not be outside.  I told myself that I would run/walk outside everyday until they fully opened up New York. I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t do what I loved to do.

Shape Women’s Half Marathon NYC – New York Road Runners

MSM: How has it been keeping the streak going? Mentally, have you hit any roadblocks or is it as simple as just making it happen? 

DopeShoesB: It’s a goal that I set, so I just complete it day by day. My mother joined me most times and now she has a goal of her own. Don’t get me wrong… there have been times when I was tired or when the weather wasn’t too favorable, but I got it done.

MSM: I’m sure there’s a favorite route of yours in all of this, a place that gives you solace and peace of mind… 

DopeshoesB: Actually, I really don’t like doing my miles in the same area. I sometimes drive to new locations and boroughs to get them done. I call it “New Pavement Runs”. I have definitely been in places that had beautiful scenic routes and challenging terrain.

MSM: During this run streak you ran an ultra marathon. How in the world did you pull that off and still manage to run the day after? 

DopeShoesB: Ohhhh… You saw my post for that??? It was at day 52. I was still disappointed that my Tokyo Marathon was cancelled. They sent me the race package so, there was nooooo way I could have accepted it without putting in the work. I felt like I had to do a virtual race to earn those items. Getting up the next day do my miles was like nothing because I was already in my zone.  

MSM: To me, here’s where it gets really interesting: you’ve been run streaking while juggling many other activities. You train others, you act (a few films include James and Danielle and Deka-Log) you produce, host, model (I’ve seen your photos while in stores and walking these streets). I mean that alone is a feat within itself. How do you find balance? 

DopeShoesB: Everything that I do I enjoy. So, it doesn’t feel like work. I am grateful for that feeling because there is never a day that I wake up and I say that I just want to go back to sleep. I schedule my runs/walk just like I do most things to keep on track. I even schedule which area and which person I will run with. 

MSM: Lets jump into Cocoa Conversations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to assume the name comes from your post race celebration fav: a hot cocoa. Season 2 is coming soon, so give our readers some knowledge about the show, what’s coming up for the new season, and where they can also watch season 1. 

Cocoa Conversations

DopeShoesB: You really checked my pages out. I appreciate that!!! Yes, the first part of the name is my love for hot chocolate. I would have a hot chocolate to celebrate my half-marathons and it didn’t matter what season we were in. The other part is that I wanted to interview people of color to share their stories that would inspire others. Season 1 was for actors of a variety of ages. Season 2 will be…. we’ll, I guess you have to follow me on CoCoa Conversations to find out. One thing I can tell you is, there will definitely be yummy hot chocolate!

MSM: How has running and the run streak prepared you mentally. It seems like you always move with a sense of ease. Has running helped? 

DopeShoesB: I’m not sure if it prepared me mentally for something in particular, but I can say that I get my best ideas when I run. The energy outside clears my mind to bring words on paper and new ideas for projects I am doing.

MSM: What else can we expect from Brigid aka DopeShoesB in the future? 

James and Danielle
Cover Girl print model

DopeShoesB: Hmmmm… I am preparing to film my first feature film this year. I also have a couple community projects I am starting up as well. 

MSM: Will this streak end anytime soon? I feel like once you get past a month it’s hard to end it. 

DopeShoesB: The “streak” will end when NYC is open and we are able to do most of what we were doing before. Once my mind is set on something, I get extra focused to complete the goal. I’m also in a challenge to see who can get to 1000 miles first. The challenge (1000 Mile Queen) started in January and I’m almost complete. As of right now, I’m in first place with 887.8 miles. 

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