Running with MLT, Matthew Larry Thompson

Run MLT if you run you know these initials, you know the person that it stands for and there’s a good chance that you’ve crossed this person as well. If you’re curious as to where you’ve crossed him, look no further than your social media to those monthly mileage check-ins which are brought to you by Matthew Larry Thompson. 

MSM: Your run stats are amazing and significant. 13 Marathons, 31 Half Marathons and 56 5ks, whew!!! That’s a lot of running and training. What was it that got you into running and when did you know that this was indeed going to be a lifestyle for you? 

MLT: During the Spring of 2013, I had lost around 30 pounds. This was accomplished by regulating my diet and upping my exercise game. Friends at my local gym (The YMCA) invited me to join them at a local track for some workouts. I did, the workouts grew from once a week, to twice a week, to 4 times a week. Each workout had different paces and functions, Hill work, 400s, Tempo Runs, etc. I had NO idea what I was doing or why, I didn't even own a GPS watch at the time. It was a weeks later; I was informed that the entire group was training for a HALF-MARATHON...I didn't even know how long that was. But by then I was bitten, I loved the way I felt during the run, after the run, hell even the anticipation of running I was all in. I am not saying I run every day, but I'm pretty sure I have run at least some distance every single week since 2013.

MSM: What are some races that stand out, some you consider your favorites?

MLT: Some of the races that I have enjoyed and are my favorites have been, The Marine Corps Marathon, The Pittsburgh Marathon, Myrtle Beach Marathon, Atlantic City Half Marathon, The Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon, The City of Oaks Marathon, The Race Half Marathon, and The Hillsborough Half Marathon.

MSM: You’re a very consistent runner. To become consistent is to make running a lifestyle. I’m curious as to what your why is?

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