Samuel Moru Egbuson ‘No Wahala’. We dey wait for una.

The beauty of this magazine is that we try to take our readers to places they seldom go. The way that we try to do that is through spotlighting runners that are international and not local. The diverse run community spans through many different parts of this world, many countries, and many cities. This month Mid Strike Magazine goes back home, to our homeland, the continent of Africa, Lagos Nigeria to be exact as we get to speak with Samuel Moru Egbuson, an avid runner and captain of The Run Crew NG.

MSM: There's a different type of feeling anytime we speak with runners that are international, ESPECIALLY runners that are from our homeland of Africa. We’ve yet to speak with a runner from the country of Nigeria so we’re excited. For our readers let's get an introduction into who Samuel is.

SMO: Samuel Moru Egbuson. My friends call me SMOE; members of #trcrewng call me Captain Smoe. I am a Christian; Husband to Usi, Father to Tariye, working 8–5 in the e-financial space in Nigeria. Coffee lover. I describe myself as new to running because #IlovetoRun. I am humbled to be the first Nigerian to be interviewed and I hope that I can represent my country and make this worth your while.

MSM: Running is international ESPECIALLY the black run community. What was it that made you get into running?

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