Shiara Robinson, Run Leader to Lingerie Maven.

Cover photo by JamGuy Photography

As we push forward with every issue of Mid Strike Magazine, we continue to meet runners that continue to change the narrative within their communities using the avenues that they have available to them. Some of us use running as a tool to spread health and awareness within the community. There are also some runners that fit into every aspect when it comes to creating change using running, personal beliefs, and business to work to change narratives within the community. One runner that has been able to do just that is Shiara Robinson. Shiara is one of the most prominent folks in the NY run community and we here at Mid strike have the pleasure of chatting it up with Shiara as we discuss her journey, running, and most importantly the person behind the runner.

MSM: Welcome to Mid Strike, as we do these interviews/overviews with runners we like to start off at a slow pace. Think of it as if we were getting ready to head out for a leisurely jog. Let's start off with an intro to who Shiara is?

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