Showing up for yourself with shameka dowell

Many of us use the term "Self-Care", but what does that truly mean? Life can be tricky to navigate with the responsibilities of family, career, and personal goals. Shameka Dowell is a mother, grandmother, nurse, runner, pacer, and health enthusiast that has found that balance. Shameka shares her journey and tips for prioritizing health, even when it is difficult to fit it into her daily schedule.

MSM: Tell us about yourself! Your name, where you’re from, and anything else interesting
you can think of!

Shameka: I'm Shameka Dowell and I was born and raised in Nashville, TN, where I currently reside. 

MSM: How long have you been a runner and how did your running journey start? 
Shameka: I started running track in Jr High School. I ran the 100s, 200s and relays. As an adult, I ran leisurely and
started running street races in 2015. 

MSM: Let's get into your adult running journey. How many Half Marathons have you run? Marathons?
Shameka: I've run 4 Marathons, 1 was a pacer for one, and ran 3 personally. I've run 34 Half Marathons!

MSM: You’ve run some incredible races all over the country! What has been your
favorite race and why?

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